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social media channels & what you need to know about them

Not every post belongs on every platform. In the same way not every piece of content belongs on every platform. We often get asked, what platforms should I be on. It varies, for those here in Sydney's eastern suburbs,


I find Instagram is the dominating platform, whereas the western suburbs are primarily Facebook.


New Zealand tends to lean towards Facebook, while in America, we are seeing huge results coming from TikTok. 

Knowing the difference in these platforms, who is on there and the kind of content people are looking to consume while there is going to be key to your strategy. 

Here are our top 5. 



Well, we are going to be biased here when we say we #love YouTube, after becoming the leaders of the platform across Australia & New Zealand in 2021. 

YouTube is great for the longer form videos that people will seek out.


Viewers go to YouTube with the expectation of seeking out specific information with the intention of longer form videos, opposed to the short attention they give the other social media platforms. 

YouTube is great to add quality content to your website, share across the other platforms by sharing a link and also works really well with your SEO.



Much like a website, a Facebook Page for your business can be indexed by Google and other search engines. This makes it easier for new people to discover your services. With consumers becoming increasingly wary of scams and malware, they may be reluctant to visit a website they don’t know, but they probably feel comfortable visiting a Facebook Page for a real estate agent when it shows up in search results.

The grandfather of social media has started to lose it's shine with the sub 40 years old demographic in recent years.  With many dramas throughout 2021, Facebook, which also owns Instagram came under fire for shutting down news & media organisations in Australia.


When you add the Facebook crash mid 2021 where Facebook, Instagram, Messenger & WhatsApp went down for 24 hours and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is fast losing credibility in the marketplace, even though it's still one of the top performing sites. 

Whilst Facebook is also very visual, it does allow you the option to post videos, images and articles, with a longer text capacity than Instagram, making it easier to write longer form captions. 

Image by Timothy Hales Bennett
Image by Solen Feyissa


Loved by pretty much EVERYONE universally, Instagram should definitely be a top priority. Instagram has seen many changes over the years and been embraced by both older & younger generations. Something other platforms have struggled with in the past. Instagram is very visual, and the attention span is generally very short, meaning if you are going to produce video content, you want to keep it nice and short. People go on Instagram for a short escape from the real world. So, give them something they will enjoy, not what you think they will. 

Image by Solen Feyissa


In 2021, TikTok was the most popular website according to CloudFare.

The most viewed site, overshadowing Facebook & Google!

Founder & CEO of Bespoke Media Group, Nic Frens favourite platform, and one he sees as having a dramatic impact in 2022. 

In his words, it's fun. It takes us back to what we first went onto social media for back in the early naughties.


I've heard from many, that the other sites are becoming to "salesy" and TikTok is a place where you can escape and have a laugh. For business professionals though, it's vital they understand the difference between this app and the others. 

You need to be showing a different approach on this app to Facebook & Instagram. It's a different generation, a different formula & simply posting the same thing across the other apps, isn't going to work well here. 


A business page to connect with B2B or B2C. 

LinkedIn is in a league of it's own when it comes to social media. While the other platforms are more so for short entertainment purposes, LinkedIn is full of business & professional people. 

While we encourage people to use this platform, your language & message can be more to the point, as you often are in front of decision makers or those who can fast track processes. 

Given it's a more professional platform, you might want to look at the messaging you are putting out there. 

LinkedIn is a great space to cut the fluff out of your pitch and sell the financial benefits to your connections, or their database. 

I.e instead of promoting open plan living or great sundecks, you might want to highlight the rental return, current tenancy status and how high in demand properties like this one are. 

LinkedIn is great for growing your network and building industry relationships. 

A great platform for you to show off your expertise in your field with a good mix of long form content (blogs) videos and images. 

LinkedIn is also one of, if not the last remaining social media platform that still has great organic reach without having to pay for engagement. 

Image by Souvik Banerjee
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