Learn how to stand out online & produce income from your social & digital channels

* Building your digital database - both organically & through paid promotions


* How to capitalise on local community groups


* How to find out what your audience wants to know about - not what you think they do

* How to generate leads without picking up the phone

* How to best use your existing database to create targeted ad campaigns

* How social media marketing is combating the larger portals

* How to get more VPA for your social media marketing

* When to use social media strategically to get the most traction (times/days to post)

* The difference between the major portals and & social media marketing

* How to setup your social media marketing plan for the year

* What content works and what doesn’t



In our 2 hour workshop I will show you everything I did back in 2013-2014 to build a social media profile and go on to become the first agent in Australia to list & sell real estate on Facebook in 2015. 

We will be focusing on:

sessions can be either online or in person 

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