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that thing he can't talk about, just yet - revealed

August 31, 2020

What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...A veteran in the real estate industry, having spent 16 years selling some of the most prestigious properties across Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, the agent turned marketing specialist has done what we've had a resounding and growing need for. He has developed an avenue within which we can easily streamline and systemise the design and booking of both print and digital/social media marketing, all in the one portal. Add to this the ability to produce and post articles, press releases and create submissions for editorial and you now have a one stop shop for all things marketing.

nsw agents stand with victoria

September 10, 2020

30 agents across NSW have come together to show support for the real estate industry in Victoria in the midst of an extended lock down period and tough restrictions, due to COVID-19.  


The Victorian real estate market has had to endure even tougher conditions than its NSW colleagues, with ongoing restrictions leading many agents to temporarily close their doors and operate in a reduced framework of their usual services. The pressure for business owners to remain operational, and for agents to function in what was once a booming real estate market has led experts to have major concerns for mental health and well-being.  

nic fren - first agent in australia to sell a property on social media

August 31, 2020

Real estate agents are being urged to think differently and take advantage of new opportunities as a way to get ahead.


Five years ago today, Sydney real estate agent turned marketing guru Nic Fren was the first agent in Australia to use Facebook to sell a property.

bespoke smashes the social media gala night with 5 finalist positions

August 18, 2020

We are finalists for;

1) Social Media Educator of The Year - Nic Fren (Top 6 in the country) 
2) Best Use of LinkedIn - Nic Fren (Top 6 in the country) 
3) Social Media Marketer of The Year - Nic Fren (Top 6 in the country) 
4) Best Influencer Marketing Agency of The Year - Bespoke Media Management (Top 3 in the country) 
5) Best Social App or Tool - Bespoke Media Management (Top 3 in the country)

the support intiative the industry didn't know it needed

April 14, 2020

"No Matter What Colour The Logos Are" is exactly what’s needed at this time.  

In less than 24 hours the initiative went international appearing in one of New Zealand’s top media publications Property Noise NZ with the group creators reporting that enquiry has already started flooding through requesting help, advice and offering information and guidance to be shared.  

bespoke media management on track to change the way real estate is marketed in 2020.

December 28, 2019

Finally, after months of having to keep quiet about our plans for 2020, we can announce in full detail what we have in store for next year.


We spent a great deal of the second half of 2019 looking at our business and analysing what was working, what wasn’t, where improvements could be made and how we could ensure our clients receive the best service with minimum stress and faster turnaround times.

bespoke named one of the best in the business

June 26, 2019

"Best Emerging Social Media Marketer of the Year"

 Nic Fren.

"Best Use of Instagram"

 Bespoke Media Management.

bespoke nominated for 7 awards

May 14, 2019

In just under a year since this social media marketing business started making waves in the real estate industry, Bespoke Media Management has just been nominated for seven awards at this year's Social Media Marketing Awards. 

We are proud of the work we have done so far in the real estate community & are extremely grateful to be nominated for:

- Social Media Marketer of the Year

- Best Emerging Social Media Marketer of the Year

- Best Small Social Media Agency of the Year

- Best Social Media Agency of the Year

- Most Innovative Use of Social Media

- Best Use of Facebook

- Best Use of Instagram

View the whole story HERE

2018 - bespoke media management was born

January 01, 2018

Having had great success in the social/digital world over the past few years it was inevitable that Real Estate Sales Agent Nic Fren would create his own Media Management company.


Having successfully launched his own Property Management business in Sydney 2016 & with the success of his own sales career over the past decade, Nic saw a niche market that was being neglected to his standards.


There are a few media management startups that have popped up in recent times and these have been great to model our business on. 

In our own business's we pride ourselves on discretion, diplomacy and results. 

We are not a startup company trying to make extra cash on the side. We are a blue-chip service that offers clients prestige services that delivers results. 

As sales people, we accept the fact that every client has different wants and needs as to what they are looking for and a standard 1 cut fits all package won't work for everybody. 

2018 nominee - real estate business awards (digital presence)

April 08, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that owner Nic Fren has been nominated for the 2018 Real Estate Business awards.

Having been a finalist in 2017 and ranking in the top 8 in Australia for Digital Presence, we have our fingers crossed

Nic will take out the top spot this year.

Stay tuned.......

2018 - terrace home in newtown listed through facebook

March 27, 2018

Nic was thrilled - yet again to have listed another property through one of his social media platforms. 

Having had his success watched over the past few years, Nic was thrilled to receive a phone call from one of his followers who had a friend needing to sell their terrace in Newtown (Sydney's Inner West) after 50 years of occupancy. 

cher - ing the love

February 01, 2018

Our simple instagram post went viral over the 2018 Mardi Gras season & caught the attention of the superstar herself who went on to retweet her appreciation of the gesture which put Bespoke Media Management in front of a worldwide audience of 3.8 million people. 

2017 - sky news

July 28, 2017

A regular on Sky News live since 2015, Nic is often asked by the network to showcase his properties across Australia. 

2017 - digital presence of the year

May 17, 2017

Leading the social media sphere in Sydney Real Estate, Woollahra agent Nic Fren was honored to be a finalist in the 2017 Real Estate Business Awards. Whilst losing out to LJ Hooker Corporate Nic was still ranked in the Top 8 in the country for his digital presence. 

When asked how he he felt about not winning the top spot he's reply was simply "A Newcastle kid lost to LJ Hooker Corporate !!!!! How can you not be happy with that? To be in that league is a true honor".

2016 - stay with frenz

February 29, 2016

While helping a friend over the Christmas period (15-16) with his Airbnb, Nic had the idea to start his own Short Term Management company - Stay With Frenz. 

Having seen a real lack of professional services in the Short Term Management industry, Nic quickly & successfully built up his company to become one of the most recognized in the industry in Sydney. 

While not a fan of the 2-3 night stays with guests from overseas, Nic's clients were more so his own clients. Owners who had sold there property and needed somewhere to reside for a month or so while looking for another property. Homeowners who were renovating and needing temporary accommodation etc etc etc I'm sure you get the picture. 

2015 - another facebook sale

December 09, 2015

Coming off the back of Nics recent success selling 19a Westcott Place, Oakhurst (Sydneys's Western Suburbs) 

Nic received a Facebook message from Lauren. Now, Lauren was asking whether they should paint & re carpet before coming onto the market. Never a fan of the two Nic asked Lauren to send some photos of the property so he could assess it. 

While still feeling a little cocky from the sale only a month earlier, Nic asked Lauren if he put the property up on his facebook page and - see what happens. In less than a day, there was offer and acceptance on the property while the purchaser buying the property sigh unseen - Apart from Nics facebook photos. 


The property was sold much to the delight of a pregnant lauren who now did not have endure open homes and the pressures that coming with getting your property ready for market.  

2015 - home sells through facebook - australian first

October 27, 2015

Sales  agent Nic Fren, who normally sells homes in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, had agreed to share the picture on social media as a favor to former colleague Kristy Lee, who was planning to sell the property, but had yet to splash out on marketing.

The post included no description of the home, address or price guide and was intended to merely gauge the amount of interest the sale would attract.

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