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A Bespoke Portal

Our bespoke portal is one of the top three social media apps or tools across Australia and New Zealand and is leading the way in the real estate industry for innovation.

With over 15 features available in the portal, it’s almost like having an assistant in your phone.

The portal allows you to take advantage of our;

  1. Image suite

  2. Online shop

  3. Multiple user accounts

  4. Study hall

  5. Ordering your print marketing

  6. Designing your print marketing

  7. A social media CV

  8. The option to buy now - pay later

  9. Products and services from our preferred suppliers with discounts & specials

  10. Public relations

  11. Purchase social media ads

  12. Full social media reporting for your content

  13. Access to online training

  14. Plus much more coming in 2021

The portal was designed by an agent for an agent or the busy marketing manager in mind.

It's no secret there’s a disconnect between print, social/digital marketing and public relations. The feedback we received was that you want to do everything in one place, you want it to be quick but most importantly, you want it to be easy.

Our agent portal allows you to have a virtual personal assistant in your back pocket.With everyone working from home or remotely now it makes sense to use one system that speaks with your team and hosts all of your marketing.

  • A library where your social media content can be accessible for your entire team in one place.

  • Your previous campaign results to use as a social media CV to increase VPA.

  • A study hall to learn more about social media monthly as well as tips to increase VPA.

  • An online shop to order your editorials, videos, stationary plus more.

  • PR opportunity to submit properties to media outlets for review and publication.

  • Buy now pay later - T&C's apply.

  • Training

  • Plus loads more.

Due to new products and services hitting the portal in the coming weeks we would like to let you know that as of Wednesday, October 14th the monthly fee will increase.

To find out more, please contact Nic Fren on 0434 527 673


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