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If you get excited about results, you will love this article!

If you were a homeowner/landlord and I said I could put your property in front of close to 7,500 people and have over 600 potential buyers/tenants show interest in it for less than $100, is that something you would like to hear about?

How many potential sellers/landlords would say no do you think?

Marketing isn’t what it was 10 years ago, it’s not what it was even 8 weeks ago. Let’s not

pretend the latest country lockdowns aren’t having an impact on the way we market ourselves and our products or services.

I’m hearing for many, their print marketing is coming to a grinding halt, others can’t walk the streets and be visible in their community and with the average email open rate sitting around 25%, how else can you reach the masses in a cost effective way.

It’s social media marketing. Gone are the days when social media was just posting selfies and pictures of your cats, it’s a business now.

Owners are switched onto social media strategies that have grown throughout the industry over the past decade.

You need a social media strategy in place.

It is important that you do have a specialist in this area though.

Think of it in a similar way to print marketing.

If you send out 1,000 DLs to your area and pray you get a call, is that going to have the same impact if you were to send 1,000 personally addressed mail merge letters?

One is hope, the other is targeted. The reason we are able to get such high numbers for a lost cost, is because we are tailoring EVERY SINGLE CAMPAIGN and using retargeting strategies as well as your existing database.

If it’s time to up your social media game, let's chat.

Nic Fren


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