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Taking OFF MARKET to a new level.

Fed up buyers now have the opportunity to market themselves directly to homeowners.

In a bid to continue to innovate and find new ways to help clients in this digital era, we are looking at more ways we can help buyers secure property.

We have come up with a strategy that works for everyone. CEO of Bespoke Media Group, Nic Fren explains.

As an agent myself, I’ve sold property both off market & pre market based on relationships built with my clients over time.

This is taking it that extra step. Traditionally, agents would contact buyers who matched with a property in the agents database, get them through the property and proceed with a sale.

Homeowners can log on to our site and put in their suburb, time in which they desire to sell and see who comes up. The homeowner is than able to read the buyers description as to what they are looking for in a new home, and if there's a match they can contact the representative.

It's the Tinder of real estate Mr Fren explains.

With the power of digital marketing, we can go directly to the homeowner with the buyer's brief, whereas the homeowner can reach out to us directly to facilitate a sale.

As Mr Fren is a licensed real estate agent, our home sellers have the confidence still having the property sale being managed by an industry professional.

How does this also help the agent?

What a great tool to have in your pocket when in the field Mr Fren explains. If a buyer wants to find something before selling, we can create a social media ad, and send it out to our digital database on the agent's behalf in the hopes to secure a deal. It certainly shows your prospective vendor you have an edge over your competition.

Buyers love it as it gives them a little more control over the properties they see, and gives them the exclusivity if a suitable property becomes available, and agents like the platform to use in their listing kits.

Two key takeaway points:

1. We feature you on our site the same way a property listing is featured on the major portals. This means you are being seen by over 30,000 agents across the country.

2. We place a social media ad in your desired location aimed straight at property owners, who may not yet be on the market.

To find out more, contact Nic Fren on 0434 527 673 or

Bespoke Media Group

Public Relations


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