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Technology will not replace agents, agents who do not embrace technology will be replaced.

According to real estate marketing expert Nic Fren, an agent only needs two things to succeed: a mobile phone and a clear marketing strategy.

The first factor might sound simple, but it’s what you do with the phone that counts.

The right strategy will be different depending on your business, location and clients, but as Mr Fren had touched on during a recent webcast, Are you set up to be the agent of the future? , there are ultimately three principles that any agent can follow to ensure their marketing efforts are having the desired result.

  • Get advice from the right people

“Whether you are looking at your social media, digital document systems, or automation of SMS or email, seek out those who are experts in this space. It’s going to be more cost effective and drive more results than if you try to do everything in house,” Mr Fren said.

He also advises agents to start out with a simple plan and build from there, depending on their capacity for investing in the professionals to do the job correctly.

“A well thought out social media plan combined with an SMS and email strategy is a good start when it comes to your prospecting and branding,” Mr Fren said. It’s better to have those looking sharp than to have so many streams you can’t keep on top of them.

When it comes to your website, ensuring it’s mobile friendly will keep you ahead of the pack.

“People are living on their phones these days and making it easy for them to find the information quickly is going to put you in the leader's seat”.

  • Keep your eyes on the future

When designing a marketing strategy that’s right for your business, you should have a clear understanding of where you are now and where you’re going.

“Do you see yourself running a traditional office setup, or are you planning to evolve into a more digital/virtual agency? Recognising what your long term goal is will give you the direction of where to shift your attention,” Mr Fren said.

If you’ve been in the game a long time, that includes examining factors that at one point wouldn’t have been questioned.

“Are you going to keep a full team or will you shift to VAs; do you need a shopfront or are you best to start investing in more digital strategies to prepare your exit from your traditional setup?” Mr Fren suggested asking yourself.

“Remember, these things don’t just happen, they take time.”

  • Be prepared to act

Change is hard for anyone, but when it comes to your business, a failure to act could mean ultimate failure down the road.

“[Technology] is coming to the real estate industry whether we want it to or not,” Mr Fren stated.

He looks to major corporations that failed to see the writing on the wall as cautionary tales for any industry.

“If you look at large companies such as Blockbuster or Toys "R" Us, their market evolved to having everything needed at the touch of a button. By the time they realised what was happening, it was too late”.

Being prepared for the future means putting plans in motion now, according to the marketing specialist.

“For agents looking ahead and what the future of their business looks like, now is the time to act".

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