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What Does Bespoke Media Management Do?

A few weeks ago, I ran into a sales agent I’ve known for a while and we got on chatting about COVID-19 and all that it’s brought.  Swapped war stories & then he asked “what is it you actually do?” 

Last week a good mate of mine & I were chatting and something come up about a friend needing a website done and he didn’t realize my company & I could do it. 

I will admit, I started looking for the closest brick wall to smash my head against. 

I like to think that I’m pretty good on socials but It’s clear that my own marketing & branding needs improvement. So, I thought it to be a great opportunity to spell out what we do. 

I make real estate agents, offices, buyer agents & networks look like Rockstar's on social and digital platforms. My company does look after entertainment, hospitality and the car industry but I’ll stick to real estate for this one.  There’s a reason we are the #1 marketing agency in Australia for Instagram in the real estate industry and below is my resume I guess you could call it. If you need help online,

I’m your boy. 

Firstly, a quick background to set the scene for those who don’t know me. 

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent  - current.

  • 15 years as a real estate sales agent 

  • 1st agent to list & sell real estate purely through social media in Sydney - Oakhurst.

  • 2nd agent to list & sell real estate purely through social media in Sydney - Oxley Park.

  • 4 years owning a property management portfolio 

  • 2 years owning a marketing agency 

  • Ranked top 8 in the country for REB Digital Presence – 2017 

  • Ranked top 6 in the country for SMMI best emerging social media marketer 2019 

  • Ranked #1 in the country for SMMI best use of Instagram 2019 for real estate

  • 236 clients in the real estate industry across New Zealand, Australia & the UK

  • 2020 – Watch this space

When we talk about Social/Digital marketing

we are talking everything from;

  • Photography

  • Copywriting 

  • Virtual tours 

  • Online training or training on how to be online 

  • Social media marketing – providing advice, content, complete management or all the above 

  • Digital marketing – providing advice, content, complete management or all the above

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, You Tube, TikTok & Google ads – we have let twitter go

  • Websites 

  • Your internal Facebook website – yes, it’s a thing and if you don’t know what it means you need to call me ASAP

  • Monthly newsletters 

  • We can also do anything you want print wise, but for now let’s keep it simple

  • Public relations 

It's hard to believe by looking at this screen shot from my personal Facebook account that this would be the post that would change my life.

That’s a brief outline of what we do, the services we provide & as you can see the kind of results we get. It’s worth noting especially as it seems we are coming out of COVID-19 that one of our most popular packages is the 3-month agent/office campaign which covers all your social, digital and print marketing. We are ultimately the one stop shop. 

Basically, think of it like this. If you don’t have let’s say an Instagram account, our job is to #1 create one for you or your business and then come up with a marketing plan.  So, let's look at socials in particular. What do we do?  Public Perception – Post pretty pictures on social media on behalf of clients 

The Actuals – We sit down with our clients and get a deep understanding of their business and how they operate. We look at their marketing and analyze what’s working and what’s not. What messaging is going out and the feedback given, what is producing results and what isn’t. We research their competitors & put together a marketing campaign to showcase the client to their marketplace in a new & fresh aspect. It’s hard to believe but one post on Instagram or Facebook, could be the result of 4 weeks of behind the scenes work for us. It’s crucial that we understand our clients. We need know the type of language they use, the tone in which they speak & their personality. It’s key for when we are structuring a campaign for them. We have clients now that have been with us since our early days who barely even look at the content we provide because we are so aligned with them and such a close part of their business that we get it. We know what they want often before they do at times. 

How do we do it? 

We take all that research, industry knowledge & data and formulate a plan that ultimately ends up in "those pretty pics" on social media. We then, by using crafted campaigns decide who should see the content. You don’t see random stuff on socials for no reason, my team & I as well as Facebook have decided that you have an interest in it and therefore should see it. This is a skill and technique that escalates our clients above their competition. Imagine if we used your current database through whatever CRM you use and designed a campaign to make an impact. If you need an example of how this works look at how trump won. No, we didn’t make that happen obviously, but you can see my point. Audiences were created that whoever did the marketing identified and put specific content in front of them. Not to get into politics but this was a perfect example of social media marketing and how to produce a result. 

What do we charge? 

Public Perception – Way too much 

The Actuals - I won’t lie, we are expensive. I won’t use the “we aren’t the cheapest, but we aren’t the most expensive, we are somewhere in the middle” spiel. We charge based on our expertise, industry knowledge and experience.

When you work with us, you aren’t getting someone who “knows real estate” or has been in marketing “for real estate” for a while. You are getting someone who's in the trenches with you every day. I’ve set records as a sales agent myself & continue to use my industry knowledge and marketing skills to keep our clients well ahead of the game. I’m still an active agent with a new listing opportunity phoning me today actually to discuss me selling her home after being out of the sales game publicly for around a year.

How? Because I continue to talk about real estate daily on my socials that she hadn’t quite yet figured out I’m not actively pushing a sales career anymore – if a listing pops up of course I’ll take it – I do like the com & I have a great relationship with my former Principal Kristian, I just don't need the spotlight anymore. If I can continue to pull in listings being out of the game for so long based on what I post on Instagram, imagine what we can do for you full time agents. You get what you pay for. 


It’s no secret that COVID-19 has been a game changer. As a business owner the one thing I’m truly proud of is that my business has been able to be a great support for those struggling. No award, payment or accolade will ever replace the feeling of keeping someone's business open. We have been instrumental in assisting owners keeping up with the new way of doing things and almost become a business coach to many who need a soundboard or someone to bounce ideas of and keep them on track and for that I’m pretty grateful. 

We were able to take our services one step further and start training our clients in a way we hadn’t before. There are agents out there now that know what a Facebook live are or a Zoom call that are able to use these apps or tools to communicate with their clients or marketplace. 

Summing it up. 

When you need an expert in marketing, you need Bespoke Media Management. We are Bespoke for a reason. Some people need us now and then for an ad or two and some are basically inviting us to their weddings because we work so closely with them. - not a joke has actually happened. 

We are passionate about real estate; we’ve nailed marketing and have an unhealthy passion with it as well. So, who else better to look after your online reputation then a successful agent and his team, who just happens to own the #1 marketing agency in the country for the real estate industry on Instagram.

I hope this gives you a little update as to what we do.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more

Nic Fren


Bespoke Media Management

Bespoke Prestige

0434 527 673


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