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Who works for who?

In 2020 one of the questions I was asked the most was “do you ever actually work”?

The reason being was I filmed a lot of content either down at the beach or walking down the street, most of the time in a singlet and cap.

The answer to this was yes of course I do, but being stuck in an office 5 days a week from 9-5 making calls wasn’t a good use of my time or how I was getting leads for my business.

I decided at the start of 2020, long before COVID hit that I was going to completely change the way I ran my business. I no longer wanted to call people on my time and talk to them about what I wanted to gain from the conversation so I changed tactics and I enlisted the

help of my three assistants, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The initial strategy was to showcase content that real estate agents could use to get better results or engagement on their social media platforms.

By creating content that they saw value in for themselves, all of a sudden the phone started ringing to the point we had 27 enquiries within one 24 hour period. That was on Jan 8th last year.

The second strategy was to use the email database I had in my CRM and to create lookalike ads through Facebook & Instagram. Then to send them out targeting the clients I wanted by touching on pain points at certain times I knew my audience would react to.

The third was to get involved with my audience. In April I was part of the “No Matter What Colour The Logos Are” campaign, I headed the support video for Victorian agents with 29 NSW agents and figures across the industry and our company set up the platform - buy from a mate as well as a lot of other smaller projects.

Once I had the basics under way it was smooth sailing. Then, the goal was to keep my audience engaged with my content.

Sometimes fun content, sometimes informative but always with a motive in mind.

As a business we mastered social media and I’ve made it WORK FOR ME not the other way around.

You may have seen the posts that have gone up with our results in terms of leads and cost per leads etc. These numbers are not false, they are a true reflection of the work we do and how we get results from our marketing.

If we take one ad for instance.

You can see we achieved 8 new leads over 10 days with the leads costing less than $10 each.

Or another where I spent less than $19 over 3 days but received 6 new leads which costs less than a cup of coffee.

Or another where I spent $50

over 7 days and received 5 new leads for a total $50 spend

Think about where are you going to spend your marketing dollars this year!

Getting results on social media isn’t about likes and comments. It’s about these kinds of results that we are getting for our clients every single day.

Pretty photos might be nice to look at but are they bringing in the business?

If you need to redefine your social media strategy and get it producing results for you this year, please get in touch.

Nic Fren


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