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Why personal branding is even more important in today's world

If you have been following me since the beginning, you would recognize this logo instantly & know that this was the start to what's been an incredible journey over the past 8 years.

One thing I've become well known for is always being in the news feeds.

Having worked with major franchise groups for 10 years, in 2015 I saw just how powerful social media was becoming and knew that I could reach more people with my personal brand, rather than rely on the business brand.

Back then we were all doing pretty much the same thing. Letter box drops, emails, calls and so on. There was nothing really separating me from my competitors.

I had a reasonable personal Facebook & Instagram following at the time with around 8,000 followers who wanted to know about me, not the agency I worked for.

So, I started to build a personal brand which ultimately migrated over to my business accounts.

People want to deal with people and with the strength that social media plays today, people are following people more than they are brands. For instance, Gary Vee, is one of the world's most inspirational entrepreneurs and speakers, yet I'd struggle to name his company. Even though I watch his videos daily on TikTok.

Look at the accounts you follow the most on social media. I'd almost guarantee you know the name, but not the company they work for. This is because they have separated their branding to suit different audiences.

Having a business account and presence is still extremely important from a business level to backup and give credibility to individual agents, but it's crucial that agents have a strong personal brand.

What I found was there were a handful of agents in my office, each with different styles and audiences and simply relying on the company pages wasn't going to be enough for me to grow my own business, in my marketplace. My audience wanted to hear from me, not the business.

Personal marketing is a crucial aspect for agents to gain market presence, connect with their audience and stand out in the highly competitive industry. It's a way to connect with your audience on a personal level.

How to implement personal marketing:

1. Establish an Online Presence: One of the most effective ways for a real estate agent to build personal branding is to establish a strong online presence. This can be done by creating a professional website, building social media profiles, and listing on real estate portals. Your website and social media profiles should showcase your experience and expertise in the industry, and highlight your personality and unique selling proposition. For instance, you can create informative blog posts, showcase your listings, and share valuable tips for buyers and sellers.

2. Offer Valuable Content: Providing informative and relevant content on your website or blog can establish your credibility and increase your visibility online. Examples of valuable content include tips for homebuyers and sellers, local market updates, and showcasing your listings. You can also leverage different types of content like videos, infographics, and podcasts to attract and engage your target audience.

3. Network with the Community: Networking with the community is an effective way to build relationships, gain exposure, and increase referrals. You can attend local events, participate in community groups, and engage with people in your target market. By building relationships with people in your community, you can establish trust and credibility, and position yourself as the go-to real estate agent for their needs.

4. Leverage Testimonials and Reviews: Positive feedback and testimonials from past clients can help build trust and credibility. Request feedback and reviews from satisfied clients and feature them on your website or social media profiles. You can also ask your clients to share their experiences on popular review sites like Google My Business or Facebook. By showcasing your past successes, you can demonstrate your expertise and professionalism to potential clients.

5. Consistent Branding: A consistent brand identity is crucial for a real estate agent's personal branding. Ensure that your branding is consistent across all platforms, including your website, social media profiles, business cards, and any other marketing materials. Consistent branding helps establish your identity and can increase brand recognition. For example, you can use the same color scheme, fonts, and logo across all your marketing channels to create a cohesive brand identity. This will help you stand out from your competitors and make a lasting impression on potential clients.


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