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Yes, this is a 28 minute video, but your 2023 career will thank you for it if you watch it in full.


I cover off on everything I've seen in my (almost) 18 years in real estate work around this time of year.


As your competitors start to wind down, I want you to fire up. 


What you get: 


* Complete video tutorial 

* Accompanying workbook




Put plans in place NOW

Schedule your content & ads NOW

Order your print marketing NOW


In this session I talk about:


  • Doubling down on your content

  • Facebook lives & how to use them properly

  • Give your marketplace free coffee once a month

  • Weekly/bi weekly videos with industry professionals

  • How to effectively use email & when

  • Consider SMS marketing

  • Importance of Christmas cards & why you should start now

  • Christmas colouring in competition

  • Utilizing your shop front window

  • How & when to use the $0 marketing strategy

  • What I would be doing over the next 60 days if I were you

Prepare for 2023 NOW

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