we have every aspect of

your business covered


founder & coach

Award winning, forward thinking real estate agent who just happens to be a social media marketing guru. The first real estate agent to list and sell property in Australia all through Facebook back in 2015. Described as tenacious and results driven, Nic and his handpicked professionals are sure to have you looking your best online and producing results. 


brand manager 

Having started his own marketing company in 2000 Andrew has an impressive track record working with those in the real estate, fashion, hospitality & entertainment industry. 


public relations and media 

Over 10 years working in marketing & PR, Paul is responsible for maintaining relationships with media outlets and organisations to provide opportunities for our clients to be featured in these outlets to showcase properties, profiles and current news. 


content writer 

Amanda Nicholls is a third generation real estate agent, working for her family's real estate business since 2016. Before pursuing a career in real estate, Amanda was a national magazine editor, and has edited three titles in her 17 year journalism career. Amanda has worked in newspapers, magazines and online writing for major websites including Babylogy, Kidspot and Mumcentral


print & distribution - Adpak

Located in Sydney's eastern suburbs, Heath is the Managing Director of Adpak and is ensures your print material is delivered looking its best 



Handling all the accounts to ensure your ads and accounts are up to date. Over 30 years working in the accounting industry. 


business strategy

Jo has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years servicing agents back office systems and procedures. Once even finding over $150,000 belonging to the business that the owner had missed. 


head of design

Having a keen interest in design for over two decades, Richard was also the NSW studio manager for one of the largest and well known printing companies in Australia. Richard is a key member of the team when it comes to your content design, logo and branding. 


content creator 

Bringing snappy judgments and eccentric opinions your way, I'll be talking about anything and everything you already know but don't pay enough attention to.


data analyst and admin

The legend who can pull data from anywhere and everywhere.  Zahid & Nic work closely to ensure our clients are up to date with reports and data analysis. Using the data from our clients campaigns we then determine where budget should be spent and on what content is best performing for that client. 


content creator

Casey works directly with Nic to create the ultimate visual material and strategize concepts for our clients campaigns.