How agents are using social media effectively.

People go on social media to be entertained and escape the real world for a while, not to see your latest listings, see the latest covid update or hear the RBA announcement Mr Fren explains. Our job is to “stop the viewer scrolling on your posts”. 


Yes, that kind of information is important to get out, but it’s how you do it. We need to remember that these are “social” platforms not advertising platforms. While they do offer the capabilities to market and advertise, we need to be mindful of the person's psyche when they are on there. They are not in transaction mode and don’t go on to actively buy products. That’s what google is for. 


We’ve found by placing a human element into our content, our clients are achieving a higher engagement and enquiry rate, as well as standing out in their local marketplace. 


A few examples that we’ve found which work quite well. 


  • Emotive marketing - Replacing lounge room shots with family photos and a backstory which directs the viewer back to the agents website. If someone is not in transaction mode a lounge room shot or kitchen shot isn’t going to be enough to stop the, however a picture of a family in a backyard with the backstory of them relocating could be enough to “stop the scroll”. 


  • RBA announcements - This is such a missed opportunity for most agents. We see a lot of content going out announcing the RBA decision, but not what it actually means for buyers, sellers and landlords. Going that extra mile and and explaining what that means for the property market adds value to your audience. 


  • Language - Agents have their own lingo that we use on a daily basis and can sometimes forget that the consumer may not always understand what we are saying. It’s really important to remember to speak to your audience, not at them when posting online. 


  • Lead generation - With the tools available in Ads Manager on Facebook, we have the ability to push out ads to our marketplace to gain data and use that data to retarget to our digital database at a later time. A recent example we had was an ad where the budget spent was $100, we reached over 46,000 people and had 600 link clicks. For a homeowner looking to sell, this represents great value as a pre market campaign and we’ve seen agents winning the business over their competitors using this method. 


  • Database uploads - Most agents are unaware of the ability to upload their database from their CRM and input into the back of Facebook to create “lookalike ads”. These are ads carefully designed to reach an audience of your choice without going out to the general public. For example, you may wish to run an ad for tenants or past appraisals. 


Social media marketing is more than posting pretty pictures and dropping $20 on a boost. It’s a skill, and like any form of prospecting requires training and time set aside each day to master it.

TurnKey - 2021