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marketing property on social media for ten years

We are the original marketers for property when it comes to social & digital marketing. 

Having broken many records over the past decade, we train agents how to use social & digital marketing in today's modern world. 

With over 750 clients across six countries, we draw on what works in other areas of the globe to bring you & your brand a fresh & modern approach. 

Whether you need content created, ad campaigns run or education in this space, all our clients are given the bespoke approach.  

Nic is also the first reported estate agent to list & sell a property through social media in Australia, back in 2015. 

Copy of first agent in australia to list and sell property on facebook.png

We coach agents, agencies & networks on the importance of marketing, branding & growth in the social & digital space.

* how to use social media effectively in such a competitive world

* how to get the most out of your social media marketing 

* how to turn posts into revenue 

* how to use your pre existing database effectively with social media platforms

* how to generate leads using proven strategies

Our company was recognised at the 2021 Gala Dinner for the Social Media Marketing Awards for the below accolades 

Social Media Marketer of the Year
Nic Fren

Best Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year
Bespoke Media Group

Social Media Educator of the Year
Nic Fren

Best Social Media Customer Service
Bespoke Media Group

Best Cross Platform Social Media Campaign
Bespoke Media Group

Best Social Media Storytelling
Bespoke Media Group – That Thing I Can’t Talk About campaign
Bespoke Media Group – Turnkey campaign

Best Use of Instagram
Bespoke Media Group – Buy From a Mate campaign
Bespoke Media Group – Property Sold from Instagram campaign

Best Use of LinkedIn
Bespoke Media Group – Turnkey campaign

Best Use of YouTube
Bespoke Media Group – Outta love campaign
Bespoke Media Group – TurnKey campaign
Bespoke Media Group – Victoria Support Video campaign

Best Use of TikTok
Bespoke Media Group

Best Social Media App or Tool
Bespoke Media Group Agent Portal
Bespoke Media Group Buyer Portal

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