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The original marketer when it comes to promoting real estate, building a brand & authority in your area through social media marketing. 


Starting in 2012, Founder & CEO, Nic Fren began marketing real estate on Facebook and has gone on to retain his position as the benchmark, when it comes to marketing real estate on social media throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Celebrating 10 years in this space in 2022. 


In 2015, Nic became the first reported real estate agent in Australia to list AND sell a property with the entire process being done through Facebook. Unheard of at the time, Nic went on to do it again a few weeks later where it became apparent this was a niche that hadn't being embraced by the real estate industry. 


With close to two decades as an agent, Nic has worked in all aspects of the business & has a deep passion for helping other agents build their brands, profile & business through the use of social & digital marketing. 


With clients that include the ONE AGENCY & Agency HQ networks, Nic & the team at Bespoke Media Group now have a clientele of close to 800 agents across 6 countries. 

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our agent portal

Our agent portal is the first of its kind  and currently has close to 800 members across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Fiji & the UK. 

We teach agents the importance of building a brand & give them all the tools required in 2022 to do just that. All while not taking time away from dollar producing activities. 

Whether it's social media content you require, prospecting letters, newsletters or someone to guide you on your marketing journey, our agent portal has everything you need. 

the latest news & updates

Keeping up to date with social media & the changes that occur almost daily are one thing, knowing how they will affect you in your business is another. 

We strive to make sure we keep you updated with the very latest information of what you need to know. 

Check out our latest articles on what we believe is in store for the real estate industry in the social media space for 2022.


leading the industry

Our company was recognised at the 2021 Gala Dinner for the Social Media Marketing Awards for the below accolades:

Social Media Marketer of the Year
Nic Fren

Best Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year
Bespoke Media Group

Social Media Educator of the Year
Nic Fren

Best Social Media Customer Service
Bespoke Media Group

Best Cross Platform Social Media Campaign