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Bespoke Portal Celebrates It's Fourth Anniversary

Updated: Feb 18

If you're part of the Australian or New Zealand real estate scene, chances are you've come across Bespoke Media Group or its CEO, Nic Fren.

With a solid 19-year career as sales agent, keynote speaker, and coach, Mr Fren stepped into entrepreneurship in 2018 with the establishment of Bespoke Media Group.

Initially aimed at providing accessible social media management services for real estate agents, the business took an unexpected turn, gaining prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Just weeks prior to the challenges posed by the pandemic, the group had already introduced the award-winning Bespoke Portal which quickly caught the industry's attention & instantly began picking up steam. This week that perform celebrated it's 4th year anniversary.

Mr Fren's pragmatic approach led to the platform's evolution, acknowledging the industry's shift to online operations and the specific challenges faced by agents in rural areas or working independently.

This evolution gave rise to the 'Members Lounge,' an educational hub within the Bespoke Portal, now a vital resource for the platform's 1,100-strong membership.

Bespoke's journey reflects its commitment to helping others. The genuine desire to assist became evident as the group shared valuable industry insights, education, and training on social media.

This shift transformed Bespoke from actively seeking new clients to becoming an attraction agency, drawing professionals seeking quality information.

In its four-year journey, Bespoke Media Group has earned three leadership awards for excellence and secured over 25 finalist positions for industry awards.

The Bespoke Portal has become a crucial tool not only for individual agents but also for entire real estate networks. Collaborations with major brands and industry figures have solidified the platform's position as a leader in training and education, emphasizing the importance of effective media and marketing strategies.

While the platform continues to attract members, affordability remains a core principle of Bespoke's offering.

Mr Fren is steadfast in the belief that everyone, regardless of commission levels, deserves access to invaluable tools and resources.

In 2024, the group proudly announced a membership exceeding 1,100 individuals across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the United States, and Europe.

Plans are underway to extend Bespoke's influence into the Health and Fitness industry by mid-2024, marking a notable chapter in the brand's expansion.

Mr Fren's enthusiasm about the brand's growth is evident, fueled by the anticipation surrounding Bespoke's increasing influence.

The platform's dedication to becoming the best resource for its members is clear, reflecting the ethos that everything undertaken by Bespoke is ultimately for the benefit of those it serves.

As Bespoke continues to shape the real estate landscape through innovation and education, its journey remains a testament to the power of dedication and a commitment to empowering others.

So, happy fourth anniversary to our Bespoke Portal.


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