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How Canva has elevated bespoke members for over two years

The number one design platform most recommended by an industry leader when it comes to marketing, is Canva.

Bespoke Media Group’s Founder & CEO, Nic Fren started using the platform to scale his business over two years ago, and says with the recent improvements,

it's become a game changer for agencies who are looking to centralize their entire marketing strategy.

Updates to the platform now include ready made video templates, print features and “locked in” elements, which have made putting together a property marketing campaign or brand awareness much easier, without having to login to many different platforms.

One of the most utlised features within the platform is ‘teams' , says Mr Fren, who explains this gives the user the flexibility to take advantage of pre-made, corporate templates, while having the ability to customise them, to their own taste.

“It really does include everything that’s needed today” he says and with the program’s app, it allows agents to customize their content & build a marketing campaign on the run. Something that’s been a big hit with our network, he explains.

In July 2021, Mr Fren was commissioned by ONE AGENCY to replicate his existing agent portal specifically for the use of OneAgency members and include a suite of brand-compliant social media templates, digital marketing collateral, as well as print options for the 600+ member network.

The objective was twofold. It had to be simple and easy to use and secondly, to ensure content remained brand compliant, while still giving the flexibility for agents to customise the content for their individual and unique marketplaces.

Bespoke Media Group who work with over 800 agents across, globally praise the platform’s advancements saying it’s the best graphic design tool in the marketplace without the need for a “degree” to learn how to use it.

Whether agents are part of a large corporation or a small one man band, it gives everyone the opportunity to produce quality marketing, without the expensive monthly memberships of other graphic design programs.

To learn more on how our members are benefiting from the app, and how we elevate brands using these tools, please get in touch.

Written by Paul Close

Bespoke Media Group


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