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Everything to get your brand out there in your marketplace over the next 90 days. 


Covering everything from print, social & digital marketing, community engagement, sms and email. 


What you get: 


* Complete video tutorial 

* Accompanying workbook 


  • Ask me questions on Instagram
  • How to create polls on LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Advertising your Facebook lives
  • The story behind the sale
  • Shop front windows - use them for prospecting
  • Look at your last 5 posts through the eyes of a vendor/landlord
  • eDMs to include a video message
  • SMS prospecting
  • What is a good brand awareness campaign
  • How to get more leads on social media
  • What is the $0 marketing strategy & how to implement it
  • How to master your social media strategy with a small budget
  • Why print is still important when used correctly
  • Get ACTUALLY involved with your community

Be the highest profile agent webinar

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