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Why are likes so addictive?
It’s almost become a kind of drug.

One thing I hear a lot about my social media marketing is “Nic, you don’t get many likes or comments”.


While that might be true, the one thing I do get, and quite a lot of, are leads.

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It’s never been a better time to become a facebook creator

Recently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social media company would hold off until at least 2023 before taking a percentage of revenue from creators who use the site to distribute their work or promote events.

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sell what you do, not just your results

4 pictures showing 4 weeks worth of work. 


Painting, new floorboards, styling, photography & new light fittings.


Owners dream price was $500,000. She outlayed $10,000 on marketing & styling and sold under the hammer for $560,00. 


Sell what it is you do to get maximum results for your owners.


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use our social media results

New to social media "ads" and trying to get more VPA? 

Looking for something to get an edge over your competitors? 

Have an owner who doesn't want to spend a lot on marketing? 

This document is for you. Read it alongside one of our latest videos in the library to learn a few lines to help you close more deals. You don't have to be a social media guru, but knowing a few throw away lines will make you sound like one. 


how social media is used to help sell your home

Social Media is a key element in the sales process when it comes to selling your biggest asset. It's not just posting on social media, it's how and when to use it that's most effective.


With your agent being a member of Bespoke Media Group they have access to the highest quality social & digital marketing tools to create scroll stopping content across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google.

We have provided this generic document which can be downloaded, and used in your listing presentations for owners who would like further information as to why social media works. There are also examples of some of our social media campaign results that can be used while you are building up your own social media CV. Please contact your account manager if you would like to go over scripts & dialogues on how to use these. 


dealing with vendor objections for social media

Here are some facts and figures about social media marketing to help your vendor understand why Social media is a vital component of their listing marketing schedule.


30 content ideas for social media posts

Ever get stuck wondering should I post? Let's look at 30 ideas available to an agent at any time. 

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how social media post timings can boost sales campaigns

A clear social media strategy is more than just posting a picture and hoping that buyers and sellers just “come along”, according to an expert in the space.


Instead, good social media strategies will provide agents and property managers with an effective means to build a digital database and should form part of any property marketing campaign, said Bespoke Media Group’s Nic Fren.


how to write an award winning entry 

Not sure what to write? 

We break down everything you need to know about writing an award winning submission. If you get stuck, we have a professional copywriter who can look after you. 

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Are buyer databases now defunct?

The good, old-fashioned exclusive buyer database — or coveted email list — is becoming extinct, according to a real estate marketer.

The CEO and founder of Bespoke Media Group, Nic Fren, told REB that “just because an agent has your number or email address, doesn’t mean you are exclusive to them”.

“No one owns a buyer,” he flagged.

“If someone is looking for a one-bedroom apartment in Bondi Beach, they are enquiring on every one-bedroom home for sale in Bondi Beach.”

He acknowledged that on the seller side, potential vendors are “putting themselves in front of multiple agents all the time and that’s why we see competition so strong in the listing side of the business”.


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social media news for may

From google to TikTok, check out the latest news, tips and tricks for the month of May in social media land. 

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what is clubhouse and why should I be on it?

Clubhouse is a free voice-based iPhone only app. Development for Android is on the cards. The app allows people to host and join audio conversations with other users. People discuss predetermined topics or whatever’s on their mind in “rooms.” Clubhouse is currently invite-only, meaning you need to know an existing user to use the app. Still, CEO Paul Davison says the app will eventually open up for anyone to join.

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latest linkedIn platform updates

LinkedIn have just released some new features that will help company pages to better connect with their audience and harness their employees for advocacy.

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reels still a long way from beating TikTok.

Instagram recently launched its new video service, Instagram Reels in response to the IG community’s request to be able to make and watch short-form, edited videos. Reels launched in the US at seemingly the perfect time — just when TikTok was taking heat from Former President Donald Trump. He has threatened to ban the app over security concerns and its connection to China if it is not sold to an American buyer.

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how to win a listing for $150

There’s more to social media marketing than just “putting a photo up on Facebook or Instagram”.


That’s an absolute minimum requirement, and to be honest, you would be lucky to achieve a result, simply from a random post.


While this has happened multiple times in my career, it’s the exception, not the rule. Many agents who you see as successful on social media have a strategy in place that works for them.


For some, it might mean directing traffic to their socials through either other marketing platforms or, putting a budget behind a post or ad.


While dropping $20 on a boost might seem like you are “doing social media”, you are pretty much just wasting your time & money.

Let’s look at some ways to REALLY USE the social media platforms, to not only get your properties and your brand out there, but also, get results.

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social media news for june

So much to unpack this month. Twitter changes, TikTok influencers and what's going on with Facebook. 



101+ video content ideas for real estate agents - $79

Agents have to keep in mind that owners are not savvy with real estate lingo such as contracts issued and groups through. You have to separate yourself on social media and not speak as though you are in a sales meeting. Your main goal on social media should be aimed at “stopping the scroll”. Keep in mind that people are looking at their social media platforms on the way to work, or when kicking back on the lounge at night time. They are not in buyer mode, and do not respond to overt advertising videos. Your video content must spark curiosity to have cut through the clutter on Newsfeeds. Check out this 90 minute crash course on how to get the most out of your videos. 

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7 effective ideas every real estate agent should use on social media

Every business should be using social media to grow their brand and build a community online. But one of the most common roadblocks that they hit is wondering ‘what do I even post about?’. Wonder no more.... Here is a list of 7 practical and effective social media ideas that any business can use to start generating a following.

Running in Nature

A crash course on the top do's & don'ts in real estate.

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The secret to handling 400+ buyer enquiries each week?
I t ’s a bot

Could you do with 400 leads per week?


The best social media platforms to market your business

Since the dawn of social media, agents and sellers alike have utilised these platforms to widen their reach and ultimately get the best results. With so many platforms available today, what’s the best way to go about social media marketing?

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