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About Your Mentors

Adrian Bo and Nic Fren, both renowned industry experts in real estate, have come together to create the Adrian Bo & Nic Fren Mentor Academy.


Offering specialised training, education & practical tools to assist real estate agents & business owners to enhance their digital marketing skills, building their brand and profile and  growing their business. With a combined experience of over 48 years in the industry, Both Adrian & Nic identified a gap in the market and decided to collaborate to offer a solution, drawing on both their skills.

Adrian Bo, a top industry spokesperson in Australia, is a highly respected real estate agent and auctioneer with over 30 years of experience, having sold over $4 billion worth of property. He has been recognized as the number one agent in Australia and is considered an industry expert, frequently consulted by the media for insights on the eastern suburbs housing market in Sydney.

Adrians success include: 

  • Consistently in the country’s TOP 10 AGENTS, named number 4 and 9 in Australia by REB, industry wide

  • Number 1 agent in New South Wales, Industry wide as per REB in 2013

  • Senior Auctioneer for over 30 years

  • Proudly served as General Manager of Sales, Performance & Mindset Coach & Head of Sales 

  • Number 1 agent for the most commission generated in the McGrath network nationwide in 2009 & 2014 and Number 1 agent for the most number of sales for 20 years 

  • Adrian Bo has conducted over 2500 auctions as an auctioneer and over 3500 sales as an agent 

  • Adrian Bo has served as a board member, an executive of a public listed company and Senior advisor to over 3000 agents & over 300 real estate brands. 

Contact Adrian

0418 278 316

Adrian Bo

Nic Fren, CEO and founder of Bespoke Media Group, also a sales agent with 18 years experience has been specializing in digital marketing for the real estate industry for over a decade. He was the first agent to list and sell property on social media back in 2015 and is widely regarded as the benchmark for marketing real estate on social media throughout Australia and New Zealand. He won the award for the best social media app or tool at the social media marketing awards in 2022, cementing his company's position at the forefront of innovation in the social space in the real estate industry.


Nics success include: 

  • First reported agent in Australia to list AND sell a property through social media in 2015

  • Named top 6 in the country for digital presence through REB in 2017

  • Named the most influential marketer in real estate in 2019 social media through the Social Media Marketing Institute 

  • Top 3 Social Media App or Tool at the Social Media Marketing Awards in 2021

  • Winner of Best Use of YouTUbe in 2022 through the social media marketing institute 

  • Winner of the Best Social Media App or Tool in 2022 through the Social Media Marketing Institute

  • Top ten trainers in Australia according to Real Estate Business in 2023

  • Grew a side hustle from 0 to over 900 members throughout 7 countries in 4 years 

Contact Nic


Bespoke Media Group


The collaboration between Adrian and Nic aims to revolutionize the way real estate agents build their brands and businesses in the digital age.


The Real Estate Academy provides a range of training & education, including super team development and structure and social media marketing content. The academy is accessible online to real estate agents & business owners globally.

The Real Estate Academy's establishment by Adrian and Nic marks a significant milestone for the real estate industry, offering agents the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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