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Bespoke Media Group's CEO - Nic Fren, a trailblazing marketer who pioneered the art of promoting real estate, establishing brand authority, and dominating the social media marketing landscape.

In 2012, Nic Fren embarked on a journey that would redefine real estate marketing.


A licensed real estate agent, he harnessed the power of Facebook to elevate the marketing game for real estate, holding a prominent position as the benchmark in Australia and New Zealand.


Celebrating an impressive 19 years in the industry in 2024, Nic Fren continues to set the standard.

Breaking barriers in 2015, Nic achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first reported real estate agent in Australia to list and sell a property entirely through Facebook.


This groundbreaking approach, initially unheard of, underscored Nic's foresight and marked the beginning of a niche that the real estate industry had yet to fully embrace.

With nearly two decades of experience as an agent, Nic has traversed all facets of the business, fueled by a profound passion for assisting fellow agents in building their brands, profiles, and businesses through social and digital marketing.

Bespoke Media Group's success extends far and wide, boasting a clientele of over 1,500 agents across 9 countries.


The group's triumph has led to expansion into the fitness and recruitment sectors, where they bring their expertise to help professionals in these industries elevate their brands and secure business victories, guided by exceptional leaders in these fields.

At the core of Bespoke Media Group is the comprehensive Bespoke Media platform, offering users the essential tools for brand elevation across various channels—social media, SMS, email, and print marketing.


The group goes beyond conventional services, providing mentorship to members in lead nurturing and community engagement.

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Hey Cam, thank you so much for your time on the phone and all the help you have given me over the past few months. 

Really couldn't have done this without you, and will be recommending you and bespoke to every agent I speak with. 

Dave - Sales Agent

Hi Nic, 

I love your Study Hall. I've already got 2 market appraisals from using your emails. 

Keep up the great work. 

Matt  - Sales Agent

Wow that’s fantastic thanks Nic, 

​Looking forward to your session next week 

Nic Fren has done an amazing job building our our Agency HQ portal

Mark - CEO Agency HQ

I feel incredibly fortunate to connect and collaborate with some amazing people in our industry. A bit of a long overdue zoom catch up with this legend.

Nic Fren has the most amazing platform for agents (I got a guided tour today) honestly if you want to position and elevate yourself reach out to Nic at Bespoke Media Group he has an incredible service!

Julie Davis - Real Estate Coach & Trainer 

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