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2020 - what a bloody great year

Where do we even start?

Bespoke has achieved so much this year.

Much more than we could have ever imagined. I had high expectations for the year but nothing compared to the direction the company took.

In what’s been a year of highs, lows, heartache and uncertainty, my team has been rock solid every step of the way and #together we have achieved some pretty amazing things such as;

1) the chelsea ad

2) our agent portal

3) our print marketing app

4) no matter what colour the logos are

5) that thing i can't talk about, just yet

6) the support video for victoria

7) the buy from a mate campaign

8) the kick off for turnkey 2021

9) recognised as the leading marketing agency for the real estate industry

10) finalist for best use of linkedin

11) finalist for best influencer marketing agency

12) finalist for best social media educator of the year

13) finalist for social media marketer of the year

14) finalist for best social app or tool

15) expanded into the usa

16) top 350 ceos worldwide

17) help sean get a start

18) went from a team of 3 to 10

19) helped launch multiple businesses

20) rebranded

All this while running a business in one of the toughest economic climates our country has ever seen.

It’s important that my team get the recognition they deserve. This success isn’t the result of one person. It’s the people I’ve had in my inner circle this year whether they work for Bespoke Media Group or not. My clients have been awesome and have contributed so much to this year's success.

I’m stoked to say that I don’t have competitors, just mates who do what we do and you guys have been such a gift. I’ve learnt and grown from all of you and cannot wait to see the amazing things you guys do next year.

I also wanted to thank those who have been a huge support to both myself and the business. Whether that’s a like, comment, follow, interview, phone call, email, sms or whatever. Your feedback and encouragement is invaluable and I wish you every success moving into the new year.

Signing off for the last time in 2020, I’d love to leave you with a few highlights of my year.

See you in 2021,

Nic Fren


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