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A new reason to join our agent study hall

12 month social media calendar

Ever wondered why agents like myself, and other agents who have come after me have been able to turn socials on their heads and get them working for them, not the other way around?

It's because we have a plan. We know what's being posted weeks in advance & have a great mix of content.

Our industry leading agent portal has recently had an upgrade to incorporate everything the modern agent needs.

In phase one of our roll out for 2022, our new look Study Hall now offers:

* Articles - the latest social media updates that you need to know about.

* Downloads - PDFs that can be downloaded and used in the field to help win more listings or achieve more VPA for your social media marketing.

* Videos & Interviews - Every topic on social media that you need to know about, plus interviews with industry who lend their expertise in the space.

* 52 Pre-Written emails for any occasion an agent might need.

* Over 200 hashtags that have been proven to work for the real estate industry, globally.

* A 12 month social media calendar - plan your content a year out, so you are never stuck for content again.

* Over 114 engaging content ideas to get you started with your social media plan.

* 105 emails, SMS or posts to help you convert more leads into clients.

* Admin & useful apps - All the tools & programs you need to become a success on social media.

* 25 property listing templates for social media - editable.

* 37 property quotes for social media - editable.

* 50 buyer & seller tips for social media - editable.

* 38 social media tiles with real estate terms explained - editable.

* 63 promotional posts for new listings or agent/office profiling - editable.

This is just the start to what's expected to be a monster of a year.

We've got a lot more planned to hit our agent portal this year that I cannot wait to share with you.

Start your new year with a plan when it comes to your marketing and let’s get you set up for a great year!


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