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Agency HQ doubles down on digital support

By Juliet Helmke 22 October 2021 | 1 minute read Agency HQ is adding specialist digital marketing support to the suite of offerings their agents can access.

After a year that saw the network double down on their tech reinforcements, recognising that the remote work revolution was changing the way agents operate too, Agency HQ has partnered with Bespoke Media to hone their social and digital presence. “COVID changed the game,” Agency HQ CEO Mark Morrison said of the company’s decision to refine their tech offerings. “Agents working from home needed more support from a head office perspective, and that’s something we’ve been able to give our agents.” Mr Morrison said their strategy relied on freeing up agents to focus on what they do best: moving property. “Most agents don’t have the time, or inclination to worry about everything going on in the back end,” he said. On the social media front, he said that Agency HQ understood the importance of maintaining a presence on the many platforms available – as well as how much time it ate into agents’ schedules.

“We don’t want them having to keep up with the latest social media trends, or losing valuable time trying to decide what to post online,” he said, describing Bespoke Media’s service as a natural fit.

The partnership adds to Agency HQ’s back-end support, which they’ve enhanced with several strategic partnerships over the last 12 months. A recent deal with Propic saw them add the proptech company’s tool Enliven AI to help automate their customer response activities. And a partnership with Campaign Track now offers their agents a simplified process for launching, tracking and managing proposals.

“Our agents can access everything online,” Mr Morrison said of the beefed-up tech tools. “All of the compliance, administration – including building their rent roll – is looked after without the agents having to spend money on expensive office fit-outs and hiring staff.”


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