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Agents have the power to use their social media platforms to help rebuild communities

Agents have the power to use their social media to help rebuild businesses, schools & communities after what’s been a challenging 18 months, according to social media expert, Nic Fren.

When it comes to industries that perform well on social media, real estate has got to be up there says the CEO of Bespoke Media Group,

We are so active in building our brands and making sure our content is seen by the masses, that now we have a chance to do more with our platforms.

Many are still feeling the effects of the fires, the 2020 floods, covid and now this round of floods we are seeing on the east coast. People don’t need our thoughts and prayers Mr Fren says, they need help & we have the platforms to contribute.

Mr Fren is encouraging agents to help local communities at a grassroots level who have been affected by the recent floods, as well as those who are still recovering from lockdowns and the bushfires, dating back to 2019.

I see a lot of this “we'll donate $500 of every sale to flood relief” online which is great, but can come off as only serving self interest.

We’ve spent our careers building relationships with many businesses & trades in our community and here are a few ways agents can use their social media to really help their community by looking at the content they put out.

  1. Local schools - A lot of schools have been impacted by the floods & many are offering a place for those impacted to go to. Having a donation hub in your office where your community can drop off supplies & materials will allow schools to prioritise funds to other areas. Items such as text books, brooms, mops, tinned foods & clothing.

  2. Local businesses - Putting a few hundred dollars over the counter of the local coffee shop, hairdresser or small business & paying it forward. Let people know on social media that you are paying for their next haircut or coffee. This is bound to do more for your image than a donation on every sale.

  3. Promoting your local tradespeople - There are many services that are going to be needed at the moment. Promoting your contacts is a great way to make a digital introduction and help small business owners.

  4. Actively get involved in the clean up - Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

  5. Showcase locals - Highlight some of the locals doing amazing work in your area. Even if you can’t be there to help, that little bit of recognition could make someone’s day.

Appreciating the fact agents are busy people and may not always be able to give the time they would like to, we do have a voice and influence in our marketplaces.

This is a great opportunity for agents to really harness the power of social media and for the purposes it’s intended for.

Written by Bespoke Media Group


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