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Bespoke drops it’s new look portal and it’s more than you can imagine

​​Released on February 14th 2020, Bespoke Media Group’s CEO, Nic Fren announced on Friday evening the platform would be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance.


​​An Instagram post last night confirmed the portal had been switched back on, and now claims a new look and feel, with far more services and products.


​​I wanted EVERYTHING available for my members Mr Fren said. A platform unmatched in the industry to further celebrate our innovative and forward thinking brand.

​​ ​​Not everyone enjoys the benefits that come from a head office so we decided to be a head office for the industry. It was also crucial that the membership be reasonable in price and accessible to everyone.


​​So, what does the new look portal look like?

​​Study Hall

The study hall is a collection of information, videos and content relating to social media, marketing, running & growing a profitable business and more. Our content is not branded, so agents can download and use in their presentations. For instance, knowing how social media ads work and what’s going on in the backend to get results in terms of leads and how to use social media to get listings and also turn posts into commissions, or demonstrating to an owner the kind of results social media marketing can achieve for their properties.


Given the industry awards, we've recently posted “how to write an award winning entry." Having seen many award submissions in my time, we’ve put together a plan for agents on how they should structure their submissions, what to write and how to put your best foot forward. Just last week we added a generic social media report of results we have achieved on social media ads and made them available for our members to download and slip in their listing kits. We don’t expect agents to be social media gurus, we want to give them all the tools to win more business. We also have scripts and dialogues for agents to put into practice in the field in conjunction with the content.


​​One aspect we are really excited about at the moment is our 101+ video content ideas crash course. It’s a 90 minute session that covers and the tips and tricks to perfecting your videos without a budget, with 101 + ideas to ensure you never run out of content.


Our highest rated video was our settlement gift giving session. Knowing what to spend and what to send has encouraged many agents to look at their gift giving practices and opens up a lot more than you would expect on knowing when to gift a client, and the pitfalls of bad gifting.


​​Image Suite

​​Trying to streamline content between an office and a network can be a nightmare for a marketing manager. Our image suite is a range of corporate/office approved content that sits in your account and is added to on a monthly basis to ensure your content is looking fresh. With clients across 4 countries and different demographics, we provide content that will suit any style & personality. The image suite is perfect for agents who want a library of professionally created images which can be saved to your phone and uploaded straight away to your social media platforms without having to spend time creating them yourself. Whether you have a team of 2 or 20,000, your content is accessible by everyone in your team/network.


​​Social Media CV

​​Our personal favourite. Have you ever wondered what a digital database looks like?

​​Have you ever thought about the strength of your social media database winning you listings. That’s exactly what our SMCV is all about.


​​We collect all the information from your ads and host them on your account. Agents have described this as a great tool when it comes to getting an owner to list with them, especially in the pre market stage. Being able to show results such as link clicks, video views and leads generated to a homeowner is really powerful to winning the business. As previously stated, we don’t expect agents to be all across every aspect of social media, we want them to have all the tools however.

​​Online Store

​​Working with suppliers, we are able to provide our members with products & services at rates exclusive to them.

Anything from property videos, copywriting for ads, database uploads to Facebook, colouring in books for kids when at the office or open homes, christmas cards, mugs, settlement gifts plus more.


​​Coaching & Training

​​One on one or group training is available to our clients across the globe. It’s not always marketing or social media related. Recently we sat down with a Sydney auctioneer to discuss the current market in Sydney and why/why not to auction and the pros and cons that come with either decision. We also discussed the latest “Pre-Market” craze that’s going on in Sydney at the moment, and why some agents are only running 2/3 week auction campaigns.


​​Covering everything from running a profitable business, getting the most out of your CRMs, mental health in the industry and growing your team. People are constantly changing and what they need from us changes. We have a platform where we often ask our network what they want us to cover. There’s no point in us trying to decide what they need from us.


​​Public Relations

​​​​Have a great listing or story and want the world to know about it?

​​With over 700 media contacts across Australia, New Zealand and the USA, we work with clients to pitch stories to media outlets on your behalf. Quite often you will see our clients in the paper, feature stories in online bulletins and on TV. A great listing tool to have in your kit when presenting to your next client. Imagine having your property in mainstream media? better yet, for FREE!


​​Buyer Portal

“If someone is looking for a one-bedroom apartment in Bondi Beach, they are enquiring on every one-bedroom home for sale in Bondi Beach.” but where’s the agents initiative to stand out from the crowd? Are agents really going above and beyond at the moment?

We’ve created a new marketing portal that enables buyers to get their names in front of local agents who may have ideal properties waiting in the wings.

According to Mr Fren, the portal has “the look and feel” of the major listing platforms — barring a few noticeable differences. “Instead of advertising 123 Smith Street, Smithville, the headline reads something like Mark & Claire are looking for a one-bedroom apartment in Bondi Beach,” he explained. “Instead of property images, we market key features they are looking for in the home, and, if agreed to, a picture of the actual buyers, or for better results, a video of them talking about their wants and needs.”

The CEO has also touted the platform’s social media lead generation ad that is created which then goes out to desired locations “in the hopes of capturing those who are thinking about selling, but are not yet on the market”.

Social media ads

Whether you are wanting to test the waters for a pre market property, shout it out from the rooftops, give your listing abit of a lift during the sales campaign or showcase a great result, we have a package to suit. From $100 for a 14 day campaign to $3000 for a month. Our ads are reaching a targeted audience and some agents, are removing one of the major portals and using the same costs to market their properties on social media after seeing the success of past campaigns.


Signboards, brochures, newsletters, DL cards, listing presentations, open home packs & more, we have these available to customise on the spot, even on your phone while still holding the integrity of your brand.

We hope you find value in our new look agent portal and welcome the opportunity to speak with you if you would like to discuss a bespoke membership.

Please contact for more information.

Check out a behind the scenes look at the portal


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