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Bespoke Gets Exclusive

As the fight for social media dominance continues, Bespoke Media Group’s CEO, Nic Fren has announced they will be offering exclusivity to postcodes when it comes to ad campaigns and content publishing, as of July 2021.

Our clients entrust us to deliver premium results. With so many using social and digital media today, our aim is to elevate our clients and provide a quality service.

A service I believe we can achieve by offering a more bespoke approach.

Bespoke Media Group has enjoyed a 12 month period of growth throughout the pandemic, expanding into New Zealand, USA & the UK resulting in 323 clients under their management.

Awarded the most influential marketing agency for the real estate industry through the social media marketing institute of Australia in 2020 & also the leading social media educator for the industry, Mr Fren says it just feels like the right time.

As a business I feel we have grown, he says, and with my expansion plans for the future, it was inevitable that we would go down this path.

When asked why it’s taken so long, his reply is “Social media is a difficult world to navigate. You are not bound by streets or a map (the way a real estate franchise is).

I wanted to make sure our existing clients were looked after first before we moved ahead with this. Once we had that under control we could start looking at the growth of the company both here in Australia & Internationally.

I’d like to see Bespoke become an internationally recognised brand, the CEO says.

We’ve put in the hard yards here in Australia and it’s my hope with our new moving forward, to give our guys overseas more tools in their marketplace and attract great account managers to take the reins internationally.

It's a very exciting time for us at Bespoke, and we would love to speak with anyone who would like to increase their brand awareness.

If you would like to know if your postcode is available, please contact Nic Fren at or 0434 527 673.

Written by Paul Close

Public Relations

Bespoke Media Group


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