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Bespoke Media Group Unveils A Brand New Social Media Marketing Strategy For The Real Estate Industry

Almost a decade after starting to market property on social media, Bespoke Media Group's CEO, Nic Fren has announced a brand new strategy, unseen in the real estate industry before.

The latest round of lockdowns has forced us as a company to pivot yet again, and rethink the way we speak with our own clients Mr Fren acknowledges. What worked in March this year doesn’t work today. You need to be a 2022 marketer, not 2021.

With most of Australia in some form of lockdown or restrictions at the moment, digital marketing has reached an all time high according to Mr Fren.

We are seeing an increase in email marketing with social channels turning into advertising platforms which is not what they are intended for. Agents risk missing out on a great opportunity to connect with their local community, he said.

We are in the fortunate position of being able to speak with agents and the general public to gain more insight to both sides, Mr Fren says. This is crucial to any marketing success. Knowing WHO your clients are and WHAT they want to know about. Recently we went out to the public and asked what they wanted from agents on social media at the moment, and most of all, how they wanted to be communicated with and we have tailored a brand new strategy for the modern day. We are not saying to reject everything you have been doing, more so embrace where we are going because things have shifted. There’s a skill in being able to design and execute content and information when you have a mixed audience, the CEO explains. You want to be able to showcase your successes to future home sellers/landlords and also engage those who are not yet in the frame of mind. Our strategy is designed to regularly gain the feedback from the very people you are trying to reach with your socials, and deliver well thought out, well planned content that will engage them. Making you their agent before they know they need one. Mr Fren who has been in real estate sales since 2005 stresses that we need to be constantly moving and evolving when it comes to our digital strategy. With so many opportunities available to us, a one size fits all approach won’t. To join our network and take advantage of our brand new strategy, please get in touch. Paul Close Media & PR Bespoke Media Group


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