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Bespoke Media Management on track to change the way real estate is marketed in 2020.

Finally, after months of having to keep quiet about our plans for 2020, we can announce in full detail what we have in store for next year. We spent most of the second half of 2019 looking at our business and analysing what was working, what wasn’t, where improvements could be made.

Most of all how we could ensure our clients receive the best service with minimum stress and faster turnaround times.

We have listened to the feedback and suggestions over the past year and are preparing for some major additions/changes to Bespoke Media Management.

Bespoke Media Management Membership.

We have been working for months to build an online portal similar to what you might use with Campaign Track or Real Hub. This setup will allow members to login and have access to a range of services all in the one place for a monthly fee.

Services include:

* Pre-created content available for you to download and use.

* Public relations.

* Book your social media ads online in a few easy steps.

* Access to online training videos.

* Free attendance to information nights which are being held throughout 2020.

* Exclusive discounts and specials from a range of suppliers.

* Insights to upcoming strategies we use to keep our clients ahead of the game on socials.

* 1-hour free support teleconference or meeting face to face.

* The ability to create full marketing campaigns.

* A buy now – pay later setup.

* Listing website on Facebook.

Let’s break each point to further explain.

Content creation for you, your office or network -

It is no secret franchises and large groups often have difficulties with agents and offices on brand compliance on socials. Often we have found the reason is a real lack of guidelines to begin with or confusion over how to work with them.

We appreciate every agent, demographic and locations are different therefore a ‘one size’ fits all approach won’t work. We work with individual agents or agencies to customise content that will work for their personality and marketplace while also ensuring that the content meets corporate or company guidelines. There needs to be flexibility on both sides.

Our online suite of content will refresh at the start of every month and will only feature Head Office approved content. This will benefit those who are always looking for content to post, lack the time to create content or struggle meeting the guidelines. So far, this has been a welcomed addition by the majority or Principals and CEOs.

Our new, never seen before, public relations department -

We will be offering you the opportunity to promote your listings, agent profile, community events or

other stories to media outlets across Australia.

We have spent the last 15 years building strong relationships with media outlets throughout Australia and are looking forward to adding this service for our members. We have been trialing it with one of Australia’s largest networks and a handful of smaller agencies over the past 4-5 months and have received some great coverage for our clients. Simply log in and submit your stories through online and we will do the rest.

Book social media ads -

Boosting is finished, dead and pointless. If you are still boosting your content on Facebook and Instagram you might as well be tossing your money in the bin.

There are over 100 steps to getting a Facebook & Instagram ad right online and most would not have the time or desire to complete these from start to finish every time. Simply choose the ad type you want on our system, fill in a few details and we will create, publish and monitor your ad on your behalf. You will also be given a report on the performance on the completion of your ad. Members will also be able to take advantage of discounts at different times throughout the year.

Access to online training videos -

Access online training videos covering initial topics such as:

How to sell social media marketing to vendors; Understanding the ins and outs of social media marketing; How to use social media marketing to get an edge over their competition.

Free attendance to information nights -

We will be holding information nights and seminars in 2020 throughout Australia. These events will be free for members to attend.

Exclusive discounts and specials -

We have worked with many suppliers & service providers in the past year who will be making their products and services available to our members offering exclusive discounts. Stay tuned to see what monthly specials we have coming up.

Insights to upcoming strategies -

Being experts in social media, we know about changes to the platforms well before they will ever be made public knowledge, or before you stumble across them by clicking something by accident. Knowing what’s coming and having that advantage over your competitors is going to prove a great advantage in 2020 and keep you in front of the pack in what is a very crowded space.

1-hour free support teleconference or meeting face to face -

Sometimes you just need to have a chat with a person over the phone or, if possible, come in and sit down with you.

Social & digital marketing can be a daunting place for those who are casual users, especially if you are trying to do your office’s marketing and have no one to go to for advice or guidance.

We are here to help. We would much rather you call us so we can help you, rather than feeling helpless and lost.

Full marketing campaigns -

With the help of our friends at Campaign Track, we can now replicate what you put out on your socials to what goes in your market place’s letter box. We now offer a full campaign which is a minimum 6 weeks - up to 3 months, which will include everything you need to make an impact to boost your presence in your marketplace.

This includes:

* Social media marketing;

* Digital marketing;

* DL letter box drops;

* eDM’s written for your database;

* Profile print marketing

* PR push to media outlets;

* Monthly meetings to update you on the progress of your campaign;

* Promotional signboards;

* Business cards;Stationary;

* Miscellaneous items are available on request.

Buy now / pay later -

We are excited to work with Easy Ad Pay which will allow your vendors to be able to have a social media campaign for their property where they don’t need to pay upfront. By simply speaking with the team at Easy Ad Pay your vendor could be approved for finance and you get paid upfront to begin the campaign. Please note, this is on a ‘case by case’ basis and is ONLY for vendors selling a property where social media marketing is included with the rest of your marketing.

My new team -

I have been lucky to keep my existing team since we first established Bespoke Media Management and I’m thrilled to have some additions moving into 2020.

Our new look team consists of:

* Social media marketers;

* Journalists & copywriters;

* Photographers & Videographers;

* Graphic designers;

* Digital marketers;

* Website designers;

* Printers;

* Account managers;

* Business Development managers;

Bespoke Prestige -

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Bespoke Prestige. While offering a similar service to Bespoke Media Management in theory, Prestige is designed to deliver exceptional high-end social & digital media campaigns that will be second to none in Australian real estate. Prestige will look after properties that exceed expectations of $3,000,000 only. In order to keep our service prestige there will be an application for each listing to see if they qualify for the Prestige service.

The business is expanding to Newcastle & Melbourne -

Having a strong network with the Newcastle real estate industry having started my real estate sales career there 15 years ago next week, it is with great joy that we announce we will be setting up a second base in Newcastle. This will allow us to be hands on and readily available to meet with our Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Valley clients on a more regular basis. We also have our eyes set on the Melbourne market and it is our hope in the second half of the year to expand and establish a base for the Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Speaking at events and training -

Throughout 2019 we have been asked to speak at different conferences and engagements which unfortunately, due to prior commitments and time restrictions, was something we were not able to deliver on. Given our expanding team this is now going to be something we can offer in 2020. Whether it’s your next network conference or training session at your internal sales meeting, this is something we are really excited to be able to bring to the business.

Changing the way real estate is marketed -

Having spent 15 years selling real estate myself, I have seen the changes in how we used to do it and how it’s done today. Social media marketing at the moment is becoming a little bland and average due to these portals becoming overcrowded with very similar visuals and strategies used across the industry. Market wraps in front of a white wall, the templated just listed, sold & testimonial posts as well as the agent profile pieces. It is our goal to completely change the way that real estate is marketed on social media in 2020 and as an exclusive member of Bespoke Media Management you will have the inside knowledge of what we have in mind to keep ahead of your competitors.

Complete campaign management -

We are thrilled to announce our complete campaign management offering. Our complete campaigns are tailored on a minimum 6 weeks to a maximum 12 weeks - perfect for boosting your profile or listing to the marketplace, a rebrand where you want to saturate the area, a new office launch or a seasonal campaign to ensure you have listings after the holiday, e.g. after Christmas, after Easter or for Spring. We have a great relationship with well-known Sydney based printers ‘Campaign Track’ who we have been a client of in the past and we are thrilled to not only offer a social media campaign, but can include print advertising to the campaign as well. Designed purely for social media and branding purposes, this is one aspect that any agent/agency looking to make an impact in 2020 really needs to be looking at.

Property listing website within Facebook -

You may have seen agencies start to introduce their listings into Facebook in what looks like a normal listings page on your website. This feature is gaining momentum amongst the industry and not only will it keep your audience inside and engaged on your Facebook page (which Facebook loves) it will also reduce your cost per click on your ads. With packages annually or monthly, this certainly is a feature worth adding to your social media marketing in 2020.

We will be unrolling a lot of our plans over the coming weeks and look forward to shifting the way real estate is marketed online and making it easier for you to promote yourself on social and digital channels.

We are back on 13th of January 2020, so be sure to get in touch if you would like to join this journey with us.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Nic Fren


Bespoke Media Management

Bespoke Prestige

0434 527 673


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