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If You Are Just Getting Started on TikTok Now, You Are Going To Find It Difficult

The emergence of TikTok onto the social media scene in 2019 marked a significant shift, prompting Mr. Fren to astutely recognise its inherent potential.

Advocating not only for his clients but for the broader industry, he foresaw the transformative impact this platform could have.

His prescient observation stemmed from a discerning assessment of the evolving landscape, where traditional platforms like Facebook faced diminishing user engagement, functionality issues, and waning industry confidence.

In light of the challenges plaguing established platforms such as Meta (Facebook & Instagram), TikTok emerged as a beacon of innovation and opportunity.

Its appeal extended beyond the younger demographic, garnering support from Mr Fren who underscored its relevance for agents across all age brackets.

However, Mr. Fren expressed concern over the lagging adoption of TikTok among some industry coaches, emphasising the importance of staying abreast of emerging trends.

He emphasised the critical advantage enjoyed by early adopters who capitalised on TikTok's nascent stage to carve out a distinct presence in the real estate sphere.

Yet, the landscape has evolved since then, presenting new complexities for agents seeking to establish themselves on TikTok.

Intensified competition, algorithmic intricacies, elevated content standards, trend agility, and regulatory considerations pose formidable challenges for latecomers navigating this dynamic platform.

Nonetheless, TikTok remains a fertile ground for real estate agents willing to embrace its potential. Its dynamic nature provides ample opportunities for showcasing properties, engaging with clients, and cultivating brand identity in a digital milieu defined by innovation.

Mr. Fren's steadfast advocacy for TikTok underscores the importance of aligning with forward-thinking mentors.

His four-year push for TikTok adoption reflects a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, emphasizing the value of partnering with coaches who possess a proactive and visionary approach.

The trajectory of TikTok within the real estate industry underscores the imperative of strategic foresight and adaptability. As agents navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by this platform, the guidance of forward-looking mentors like Mr. Fren proves invaluable in seising the full potential of TikTok as a powerhouse marketing tool.


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