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Getting leads are easy, but it's building & maintaining a brand that will win you business

"Getting leads are easy," according to media & marketing expert Nic Fren.

"These days every marketing agency has a new get leads quick scheme that agents find exciting for the first few weeks until they realise there's no meat on the bone from these campaigns," he says.

That's because campaigns like 'would you like a property report' are simply generating enquiry that 'want a price.'

"These are fantastic tools for generating data," says Mr Fren, but won't do much for you in terms of generating listings.

A quick scroll on Instagram will provide you with a plethora of marketing agencies promising you all the bells & whistles, but from my experience, I've noticed them to be more a nightmare and a costly mistake.

In the past twelve months I've had agents & agency owners come to me with horror stories like:

  • They have been sold leads from other agents campaigns

  • The leads coming in are from other states across the country

  • The backend messaging has left the agent/agency being abused without the agency knowing

  • The marketing agency owner vanishes as soon as the contract is signed

"This is heartbreaking to see," says Mr Fren who has built a company extremely transparent in their offering.

"With the growing number of marketing agencies coming into the mix and targeting real estate agents, I expect this trend to continue for a while longer," he says. "Agents have such a desire for the listing now mentality & are being preyed upon. If you want to be successful, you have to be prepared to put in the work, it's that easy, there's your silver bullet."

"The use of technology is fantastic & the tools we have to attract leads & work our database are great, but if you don't know how to build a relationship with your marketplace, in turn building and enhancing your brand, you just aren't going to succeed," he says bluntly.

With Easter now behind us and the holidays well upon us, the real estate market is entering what is traditionally a quieter period.

As listing numbers tend to ease off and auction clearance rates dip, it presents a prime opportunity to ramp up your marketing efforts, establish yourself as the preeminent agent in your locale, and set the stage for a robust Spring market ahead (yes, Spring will be upon us sooner than you realize).

In my 19 years of experience in real estate sales, one thing has become abundantly clear: the results you achieve today are a direct reflection of the groundwork you laid three months ago.

So, how does membership with Bespoke Media Group factor into this equation?

Firstly: We've rolled out the Bespoke Academy for all members, a comprehensive 90-day program tailored for sales agents, property managers, and business development professionals.

It equips them with the tools, resources, and support necessary to establish themselves as the foremost presence in their respective areas.

Everything from the latest marketing & branding strategies, actual tools to put in place for optimum results. Pre written SMS, email, print & social media content. Training & education by some of Australia's most recognisable people in real estate.

This 90 day program covers everything starting from building a brand from scratch, nurturing your online reputation, engaging with your community & winning more business.

"It's not just about being seen or noticed," says Mr Fren "It's about actively being involved in your community."

Secondly: Our portal provides members with a wealth of content, tools, and resources aimed not only at bolstering brand visibility but also at fostering community engagement, securing more listings through innovative strategies not yet adopted by others, and ensuring nothing is left unturned during a listing presentation.

We've been privileged to have contributions from real estate CEOs, past AREC speakers, industry influencers, and agents ranked in REB's top 50, all of whom have enriched our training to empower members across all facets of the business.

Marketing is one facet, but establishing and maintaining a brand is an entirely different challenge.

Thirdly: Building on the resounding success of our immensely popular "Selling in Spring Starts in Winter Campaign," we've made the decision to launch it earlier this year, in May.

This allows our members ample time to leverage the quieter season for robust lead generation, nurturing, and community engagement—perhaps the most potent seasons they've ever experienced.

Our aim for members this season is simple: to be the most visible, active, and engaging agent in their area.

Our goal for our members this season is simple of course, do all the things to get leads, but don't forget every other aspect of your prospecting. 'Be the most visible, the most active & the most engaging engaging agent in your area.'

The most visible agent is the one who gets more calls, more appraisals & wins more of the business.


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