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Buyers get their own marketing platform.

Buyers looking to purchase property anywhere across Australia & New Zealand now have the ability to market themselves to agents, the way a property is marketed to buyers.

Bespoke Media Group CEO, Nic Fren developed the platform where buyers and buyer agents could market their brief and criteria to a larger audience.

We have an agent database currently of around 40,000 across Australia and New Zealand and a homeowner/landlord database of around 38,000 Mr Fren said. It’s a pretty strong position to be in to launch something like this and we feel the time is right.

We are also including a social media promotion for all “listings” on the site he explained. Not only will you be on our site, you will be added to our weekly newsletter and a social media ad will be pushed out in accordance with your brief.

For example, if you are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in Bondi, we will run a 14 day Facebook, Google and Instagram campaign in the area on your behalf. This will ensure we cover both agents and homeowners who are yet to list their properties.

The marketing side of real estate needs to freshen up and get with the times when it comes to marketing online Mr Fren said.

Earlier this month switched off the feature for private landlords to upload their rental properties forcing them to go with an agency. These moves are designed to demonstrate support for agents – particularly property managers – and the wider real estate industry, bolstering the support Domain has made an effort to provide throughout 2020.

I couldn’t believe it, Mr Fren said. As an agent and a private landlord I saw no reason why I needed to give my properties to another agent to manage and pay for something I’ve been doing myself for years. I’m the client, not the agent.

I pay the listing fees so I was shocked to see them go in this direction.

I believe the portals have lost touch. Fees regularly increasing, listing pages jam packed with ads and promotions for other businesses and services that it becomes difficult for some to navigate. I’m seeing more and more agents getting fed up with the increasing rates with not much in return, but where can you go?

I had one sales agent from Sydney call me last week who had his vendor on the phone upset that her property listing was being used to advertise ANZ bank on the last image of the listing. Why should my fees be made to promote ANZ she told the agent.

Starting with our buyer request feature we are looking to grow and expand over the next few months to get back to what these sites were initially created for.

We’ve been working closely with buyer agents over the past few months to find out what they needed and how we could help get their clients more presence in the marketplace.

The portal is now listing and is set to go live next week.

Paul Close

Bespoke Media Group

Public Relations


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