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Celebrating 5 years selling on social media

Sydney real estate agent turned marketing guru, Nic Fren often gets nervous when looking at his Facebook memories. Watching some of the videos posted back in the day and content put out makes him shiver says one of the members of Nic’s team.

Today, however a different one. It was five years ago today, that Nic uploaded an Rpdata photo on Facebook, along with his then profile pic and a personal branded logo that changed the real estate industry.

The eastern suburbs agent had been approached by western Sydney (Oakhurst) homeowner, Kristy to assist in the sale of the property.

Nic took on the listing with the intention of working with another one of his Laing + Simmons offices to help him with the sale. There was no need. With a speedy sale desired and a distance of 1.5 hours, Nic did what he had been doing for close to a year by that point. He put the Rpdata photo on Facebook and thought nothing more of it. Hours later, marketing manager (now turned Director at Buyers Club) Samara Post saw the random photo, called Nic and the deal was done, approx $30,000 above asking price. This had become the first reported sale from an agent to list AND sell a property through Facebook in Sydney, let alone such a distance apart. The social media guru struck gold again only weeks later selling 19 Melbourne Street, Oxley Park pre market, AGAIN to Samara.

It was really strange Mr Fren said. Both owners of the property were former colleagues when I worked at Westmead hospital and were on my Facebook page and Ms Post was my former marketing manager at Laing + Simmons Woollahra who had moved into a buyers agent role with another firm again, was a follower of mine.

I didn’t do anything amazing, I was just extremely active on Facebook. I didn’t really use LinkedIn much at that point and I didn’t get Instagram until a year later. Facebook was free, you didn’t have to beat the algorithms so why wouldn’t I offer that service to a client Mr Fren said.

The property sold and Nic’s career took off with The Daily Telegraph running it as a lead story and Nic being invited onto channel tens “the project”. Having found his niche at a time where the industry hadn’t given much respect or put value on social media, Mr Fren went from unknown to industry leader in less than 12 months. Topping every marketing award category in the country Mr Fren now owns one of the largest social media marketing agencies specifically for the real estate industry.

COVID-19 has forced people onto social media who may not have gone on their had the pandemic not occurred, and it’s a crucial tool for our Melbourne agents to connect with their clients to get properties moving whether that’s for sale or lease in this stage of lock down. We hold online training classes for our guys in Melbourne to teach them how to do virtual open homes, what is a Facebook live and how to use social media to promote, inform and produce results at the end of the day. He said.

When asked about what he sees from the industry on social media today Mr Fren explains that it can be very hit and miss. I love seeing agents getting out there and giving it a red hot go. I still mess it up most days and they are usually the posts that get more engagement. I owned my flaws on socials and started doing my blooper videos with my former colleagues highlighting the behind the scenes gaffs. They were very well received he says.

I love seeing people like Lisa Novak running around showing her pre market properties. I think that works great for both buyers and vendors. Vendors save huge marketing costs while buyers get to see property before it hits the major portals. I love how Slider Guy brings brings the humour into what we do. As an agent you cannot watch his stuff and not lose it. We all know someone he’s displaying and if you don’t, you’re them Mr Fren says.

From unknown back on the 16th of September 2015 to owning the largest social media agencies in the country, Mr Fren now has a team of 7 under him to help guide, coach and manage his clientele which now has over 250 members Australia, New Zealand and very soon (hopefully) The United States, PR Manager Paul tells us.


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