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Celebrating a DECADE of marketing property on social media - Nic Fren

Changing the game and setting a standard for the industry is no easy feat. However, 10 years ago, one agent changed the course of how real estate was marketed, and cleared the path for agents to follow in his footsteps.

Before social media marketing became what it is in the real estate industry today, one agent defied the odds and has gone on to lead the industry for a decade. Becoming one of the most well known & respected marketers in this space.

In 2012, Sydney eastern suburbs real estate agent turned social media guru, Nic Fren became one of, if not the first real estate agent in Australia to embrace social media channels with his proactive approach to educate, inform, entertain and engage his audience.

It was a different time back then Mr Fren explains. The agents today have it so much easier than I ever did. Agent's today can drop $20 on a boost and call themselves an influencer. That's not effective social media marketing by any standard.

I had to build an audience and rely on good quality content to survive. You have to remember, there were no paid ads back in those days. You either sank or swam based on how engaging your content was. This was before business pages and before Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, if you can remember such a time, he explains. It certainly was difficult. I had agents in my area laughing at me, I didn't fully understand what I was doing, but I just got on and did it, he says.

Taking away all the tools we currently take for granted, is a good thing, I think. I think it would force agents to think more about their audience, than themselves, he says. I credited my success in the early days in talking TO my 4,500 friends on Facebook, not AT them.

In 2015, Mr Fren went on to become the first real estate agent in Australia to list & sell a property solely using Facebook. "That was a surreal experience", he says. It certainly made the industry sit up and take notice.

With a slew of awards under his belt, the strategies haven't changed.

It doesn't matter how big you get, people want what THEY want. I've marketed hundreds of my own properties over the past decade on social media and thousands of properties with my clients. My audience doesn't care about that. They want content that relates to them.

Mr Fren has gone on to lead the real estate industry as one of the most trusted, and most sought after leaders in recent times.

Covid hit the industry really hard in 2020. We had members who had to quickly learn social & digital marketing to survive, Mr Fren explains. It wasn’t just the posting of content or strategy, we very quickly had to educate our clients on Facebook & Instagram lives, Zoom & Google Hangouts as well as virtual tours and inspections.

To be able to be there and “virtually” hold someone's hand through this pandemic and help keep their doors open is something I’ll be forever humbled by, he says.

Asked about what he thinks the next decade has in store, Mr Fren responded with “I think it’s going to be interesting. There’s so much happening in this space at the moment”. The one thing I love about social media is, it gives everyone an equal chance to succeed.

We have some really amazing things happening with our company throughout the year and our projection for the next decade is something that's top of mind for all of us.

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