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Ester lists her Bondi Beach semi with Nic Fren - $1.4m Guide

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

I've lived here since I was born say's Ester as we sip tea and taste her famous jam drop homemade cookies on the front deck overlooking Bondi Beach.

What do you love most about your home?

I've loved my time here and will be sad to move on, but it's time. My late husband Fred loved this house. He said it was the perfect family home. He and our two boys were complete beach nuts. The boys would run in and drop their bags after school and head down to the beach. I always knew the boys were ok because you could see them from the kitchen window & they knew when the sun set that it was time to come home. For me, I suppose it was the great neighboursI have. Our kids grew up with theirs and now there's a lot of younger families moving into the street and I'm known as "Street Grandma" and often babysit a lotof the kids after school.

What would a buyer love most about their new home?

My parents first moved in here in 1937 and we have certainly done our fair share of work to the home. Admittedly Fred did the majority before he passed away by adding the front deck and building a garage out the back when the kids were younger.

Over time the garage become an extension of the home and was known as the party room, which the boys eventually took over during their teenage years to entertain their friends.

I spent my entire life in the hospitality industry and entertaining was very important to us so we made the house fit our lifestyle. The dinner parties we had and having the kids and their friends stay over. We must have had about 20 kids sleepout one night back in 1967 for a movie night for our eldest's 13th birthday.

What will you miss?

I love this home; I've spent my life here and raised a family but they have all gone and now I'm going south to be closer to them. I will miss theneighbours and their kids, I'm lucky to have such great neighbours who have looked out for me.

So tell us a few details if a buyer wants to learn more about your home.

Well Nic Fren from Bespoke Real Estate has been kind enough to help me sell my home and has suggested to auction the property on July 7th. He did ask me to say to you it's 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms on 302 sqm. I suppose that's important. If anyone would like to visit my home please come along on Saturday. I believe Nic's here at 10am.

I've made some butterscotch cookies for the buyers.

Ad finished.

Emotive? Yes.

What makes this kind of ad stand out on social portals? Because it tells a human story.

It appeals to something we all resonate with. This is the kind of marketing we’ve been rolling out for our clients,and it's been extremely successful over the past few months.

We made a promise to our clients to change the way real estate is marketed, and this is only the beginning. We have some really attention-grabbing strategies in the pipeline … so stay tuned.

And remember,, & your website will SELL the property but social media's job is to establish your brand and appeal to your audience. Content on a social level is starting to branch out in new and innovative ways.

Keep on keeping on with the same old content will not help mark your brand out as distinctive.Please feel free to sample our content, but remember, nothing beats or shows initiative like good old fashioned creativity. If you would like to learn more about what we have planned for 2020 please contact us today.

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