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How agents can better prepare potential clients for spring selling season

As the nation adjusts to a “new normal”, Bespoke Media Group’s Nic Fren is encouraging agents to showcase their social media skills in order to gain a better understanding of prospective clients and their unique needs, especially as the market approaches what could be a very busy selling season.

“We find agents get more out of their marketing when they are speaking to their audience, and not at them,” Mr Fren added.

After all, “not everyone is impressed by $500,000 over reserve, because not everyone lives in areas where these types of results occur”, he said.

The media marketing expert said agents need to be able to tell a compelling story to promote their services, as opposed to traditional advertisement that simply lists down what they can do.

For instance, when he was tasked to sell a deceased estate that needed extensive renovation before going into market, Mr Fren explained how he kept a video diary that documented the “behind the scenes” of getting the property ready. He said: “The property sold on auction day, and the next day we released a video to Instagram titled ‘4 months work in 60 seconds’. “We had a great result on the day, which certainly got the phone ringing, but interestingly enough, it was the video which created the most enquiry.” Ultimately, the video allowed prospective clients to understand the extent of the services being offered — more than showing up at auctions, they could also help owners deal with council permits, cosmetic renovations, marketing campaigns and other selling preparations. “With it only being 10 weeks until spring, most home owners are unaware of the amount of work that can go into getting a property ready for sale,” he said. “Winter is definitely the perfect time to showcase your skills and educate your audience on what they can do [with you] if they are planning a spring sale.” To help agents with this, the media marketing expert shared four simple tips for agents who are preparing for the spring selling season: 1. Reach out to homeowners Mr Fren said the simple act of sharing tips about works that owners can do now — including cleaning, decluttering, paint and finish projects — can help agents get through to prospective clients. 2. Work with sellers Apart from marketing materials, direct help from experts can also make the process more efficient and convenient for sellers, according to Mr Fren. “Make them feel that they are not alone” by extending access to tradespeople, he advised. “I encourage agents to visit your local tradies, get them on camera and do a video on how they can help. This takes it away from the agent being on camera all the time and gives credibility to the message,” he said. “A great topic we find at this time of year is what you can do to your lawns and gardens to ensure they are looking fresh for spring.” 3. Talk about inspections Agents could also start discussing pest and building inspections, as well as strata reports, with prospective sellers in order to fast-track the process if the opportunity arises, Mr Fren said. By doing this now, they can be ready to sell in case they find a buyer off-market and ultimately avoid the rush of the spring selling season. 4. Do digital inspections Finally, Mr Fren encouraged agents to be creative and work on standing out as the busy selling season approaches. “We are seeing some really cool stuff coming, especially from some agents in Melbourne after the last lockdown. You can email your TikTok or Instagram walkthroughs to your database,” he continued. It’s led Mr Fren to urge agents to “think outside the box”. Ultimately, Mr Fren believes that “the goal over the next 10 weeks leading into spring is to show value — that you are there to help the owner get ready for market — and position yourself as the professional in this space”.

Written by Bianca Dabu of REB


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