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How I got 600 potential leads for $100

Sounds far fetched right?

Like too good to be true. What's the old saying? If something sounds too good to be true it must be? I don't have the words to explain or convince you that digital marketing is the most cost effective way of marketing in 2021, so instead, I'll just show you results of campaigns I've done.

Here's one that finished yesterday.

I ran an ad for an upcoming social media masterclass I have coming up in two weeks and here's a screenshot of the results.

As you can see I spent a total of $100 on the ad that went for 7 days.

We reached 46,337 people (that's how many accounts the ad came up on) and 600 people clicked on the ad and visited the site for more information.

The frequency was 4.21, meaning the audience saw the ad on average around 4 times during the week. Not bad when you compare it to a DL that might be lucky to only get seen once.

The cost per click is $0.17 cents. Meaning it costs only $0.17c to get a viewer from my socials to my website.

So, it cost me $100 to brand my business in front of 46, 337 people, 600 people saw interest and visited my website, where I now have the ability to retarget to them.

Still not convinced?

Well, what about a lead generation campaign. Let's look at a few examples.

Here's one I ran towards the end of last year. As you can see I spent a total of $50 and received 5 leads with a cost per lead at $10. We reached 1,534 people.

It's important to note that this was a very targeted campaign so we were not expecting a huge reach. However, 5 new leads without picking up the phone is pretty decent.

Still not convinced?

Ok, what about this one then.

Imagine spending less than $20 over 3 days to receive 6 leads.

Plus, that lead only cost $3.08c.

Imagine if you had a choice between a coffee or a lead? Why not both?

These are screenshots of results and we've a lot more.

Bespoke Media Group has mastered the art of getting social media to work for us, not the other way around.

Book your ticket to TurnKey today.


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