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How to grow your business during COVID-19

We are all feeling the effects of the past few weeks whether directly or indirectly.

The changes put upon us have impacted us all, no matter your role within the business. 

As a nation and industry we are in unchartered territory & have all had to adjust and make changes at a rapid pace, be it in business or even our personal life.

This virus does not discriminate, or does it? Hear what Tommy Little from Channel 10's The Project had to say last night. It's worth highlighting some of our industry colleagues are in marketplaces where their demographics are not as savvy on the social & digital scale as others. So where does that leave them?

In the past two weeks as an industry, we have seen the majority of our daily tasks transition to digital platforms. Overnight businesses were forced to adapt new measures including;

• Online auctions 

• Virtual tours 

• Digital prospecting 

• Social media prospecting 

• Back to 1 on 1 private viewings 

• A rise in digital Conveyancing/DocuSign & online transactions 

• Working from home - work place health & safety, how do you control this? 

• Zoom video conferencing - for team meetings & one on ones. 

Whilst some are adapting and thriving others are struggling and don't know where to turn for advice. Is it any wonder given we had such little time to adapt and implement new procedures while still trying to wrap our heads around this while being expected to deliver almost instantly.

It begs the question, with such drastic changes in the way we do business, will our industry ever go back to the way it was only weeks ago? Will we run on site auctions and public open homes or will the changes we have implemented today be the new norm? Would we have made the change to a more digital Industry if it weren’t for our current climate? Do you think the public has/will embrace the changes?

Now is the time to delve into the depths of your business, monitor your expenses and invest into the aspects of your business that are going to help you grow and ensure you are giving your business the best possible chance to come back from this stronger than ever. Implementing these strategies now will give you the best chance to not only survive these current times but to thrive in the years to come. 

We are stronger together

If you would like more information on setting up your business or assistance adapting to the new changes please feel free to get in touch and we will have Mitch make contact with you.

Written by Mitchell Angel.

Mitchell is a Licensed Real Estate Agent & former Growth Development Manager of one of Australia's largest real estate networks


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