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How to stay ‘truly visible’ — even in lockdown

With Sydney still in lockdown, agents are having to get creative with the ways they promote and show properties. Is it possible to maintain “business as usual”?

Localised lockdown restrictions have pushed many agents to once again bring their businesses online, and some agents are reportedly struggling for visibility in today’s marketplace.

But bombarding prospective clients with calls and emails may not be the smartest way to go, according to Bespoke Media Group CEO Nic Fren, even though, “for many at the moment, they are stuck at home 24/7 and many are living on their phones”.

Instead of plain “look at me” tactics, the marketing professional advised adding value to online communications, keeping in mind that while many of us are in the same sea, we’re not all on the same boat.

“We need to remember that just because we are doing okay, there are those out there who may not be. Many businesses are struggling, and many home owners are frightened for the future,” he continued.

Mr Fren laid out four simple steps for more effective and “human” digital marketing today:

1. Employ a different perspective

The marketing professional advised agents to think about how their content is going to be seen by others.

“Look at it through the eyes of someone in your marketplace who could potentially be going through a hard time, who may need to make a shift. Are they going to feel comfortable with you posting images of your luxury suits or cars?” he said.

2. Tell a story

Instead of simply showcasing results, Mr Fren encourages taking the audience through a journey.

According to him, going the extra step may be best done by talking through the sales process — from how much interest was generated by the campaign to how the sale was put together — which will engage audiences more than just telling them “SOLD for $50,000 over reserve”.

3. Be the authority in the area

Offer guidance to prospective clients, especially about how the process for real estate services does transform when taken online, Mr Fren advised.

He warned: “Not everyone knows what a virtual inspection is.

“Put out content of value. A simple ‘we offer hand sanitiser at open homes isn’t value — it’s an expectation”.

4. Entertain

Finally, Mr Fren encouraged adding a little more uniqueness in marketing materials released online. After all, everyone needs a reason to smile at times like this, he said.

“We are all in lockdown, we are all going through this together, so don’t be afraid to show YOU online.

Show what you are doing day to day to get properties leased and sold,” he said.

“Doing a quick video in selfie mode showing you doing your calls on your lounge shows that you are human and still doing the best you can for your owner in these times. That will work better for you than a pic of you with your Audi.”

At the end of the day, agents will always benefit by understanding not only the movements of the market, but also the people behind their research data and statistics, according to Mr Fren.

He concluded: “Understand your market and what they are going through and use that information to incorporate into your marketing strategy.

“Take advantage of the reach that social media ads have. Now is a great time to swap the traditional print marketing and replace it with digital — reaching thousands more people while keeping safe.”

This first appeared in Real Estate Business


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