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I’m not an active agent these days but still listing, selling & leasing real estate and here’s how

Quick recap, I’m a licensed real estate agent (current), kept my CPD points up to date and have 16 years' experience selling & leasing real estate. Two years ago, I decided it was time for a shift and put my social media marketing skills into my business Bespoke. So, why am I still selling/leasing and how am I getting listings? 

First thing, you won’t find my name on any deals. I decided it was less confusing to the public by flying under the radar so as to avoid the “is he an agent or a marketer”. Any listings that come up, my former Principal and I collab on unless out of area. 

So, without prospecting and without sales/leasing results, HOW do I still pull the business in? 

It’s very simple. I’ve been creating lookalike audiences in the backend of my social media for years. I still to this day, continue to create relevant content to homeowners and landlords out there which keeps my phone ringing. 

With so many looking at social media marketing as a key performer these days and with a strong social media background as well as my selling skill it's given me the perfect status to be called in and to be fair, a lot of my owners haven’t actually realised I’ve left selling & leasing full time. 

While this is great for me and still gives me an outlet to do what I love, it does make me wonder how can I have been out of the business for two years and still performing, while other agents out there smashing the phones are struggling. 

All of the business coming in is repeat or referral to be honest but I will put it down to my strategic marketing campaigns online.

Having studied marketing and more importantly listening to my audience, it has provided the perfect blend for showcasing skill, knowledge and foresight. 

Appreciating that a lounge room shot on Instagram isn’t going to perform as well as it did two years ago and using bespoke strategies for every owner.

Let’s face it, every owner wants to feel as though their property is being treated one of a kind and not just another post on Facebook right? 

Times have changed from when I started my career 16 years ago and while I see so many in the industry stepping up and smashing socials and getting amazing results, I do see the majority either playing it safe or just “being there”. I’m not suggesting that everyone needs to be Insta famous but in 2020 it’s the most effective way of prospecting to your market, giving them an insight to you and these days it’s often the first place they come across you, replacing the “first impressions” at open homes. 

While I’m not the biggest fan of print marketing I do still believe it has relevance and needs to be included in any campaign. I’m merely suggesting that socials reach is far greater and can be reported on. 

I also strongly believe that video content will outperform a call session any day of the week. You are able to connect with your audience, engage with what’s going in the market and address questions or concerns at scale. 

The industry has changed, socials regularly change and it’s so important to be where your clients hang out talking about what THEY want to talk about in a way THEY want to talk about. Calling someone on a Saturday afternoon or Monday morning with Auction results because you think it’s important to them and are calling them when you want to probably isn’t the most effective way today. You go onto social media to escape life for a brief moment not to be sold to correct? So do your clients. 

If you would like to talk TO your clients not AT them, please get in touch and let’s design a strategic campaign for your market. 

Nic Fren


Bespoke Media Management


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