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It's time to cut the shit

We’ve been saying for over a year now that if you haven’t been active with your socials and building a brand online, there will come a day when you will be knocked out of the race.

The times come, and a lot quicker than anticipated.

Everyone is now turning to social media for more than just a” time out” on life. It's now become life for the majority of Australians who are using the platforms more given the restrictions and lock downs.

With people spending more time at home and self-isolating we have seen an increase in the past few days with engagement and views skyrocket with our content.

Now that's all well and good but we've been at this for a long time, have built a following and are known. We know how to cut through the noise on social media and get our content seen.

If you haven't been active on socials, if you haven't been doing ads and if your content is the generic Canva templates (sorry Canva - we do love you we promise) you are going to find these next few months really tough to break through unless you drop a tonne of cash behind it.

The time to get serious about your socials has passed. This is time to get them right and RIGHT NOW.

It's also the time to cut a lot of shit out of marketing. We aren't going to have the luxuries we used to for a while so it's vital to remove the fluff from your marketing and give the viewer as much detailed and useful information as possible now that showing property is going to be tougher.

Think about the frequent questions that might arise from buyers about the property and do your best to answer these in your marketing copy.

For more info on how you can make an impact in these unprecedent times, please get in touch.

Nic Fren

0434 527 673


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