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Just Listed - 32/8 Trelawny Street, Elizabeth bay

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

"Mummy & Daddy said I'm getting a little baby brother so we need a bigger home".

This was the reason Chelsea, daughter of Jane and Christian, told us why her Mummy and Daddy were selling their 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Elizabeth Bay.

"My little brother is coming in March she told us, and his name is Jesse".

Jane told us they have lived here for six years and have enjoyed many sunsets overlooking Fitzroy Gardens on their spacious deck, hosted many dinner parties in their newly renovated kitchen and endured many sleep-deprived nights since their princess arrived only two and a half years ago!

"We are sad to leave. This has been our first family home but we are looking forward to passing it onto the next young couple looking to start a family".

The property has been listed with <Agent Name> from <Agency> Real Estate and you can find all the details by clicking here <link to ad online>.

Ad over.

Emotive? Yes.

What makes this kind of ad stand out on social portals? Because it tells a human story. It appeals to something we all resonate with.

This is the kind of marketing we’ve begun rolling out for our clients, and you should expect to see more of over the next few weeks.

We made a promise to our clients to change the way real estate is marketed, and this is only the beginning. We have some really attention-grabbing strategies in the pipeline … so stay tuned.

And remember,, & your website will SELL the property.

But social media's job is to establish your brand and appeal to your audience. Content on a social level is starting to branch out in new and innovative ways. Keep on keeping on with the same old content will not help mark your brand out as distinctive.

Please feel free to sample our content, but remember, nothing beats or shows initiative like good old fashioned creativity. If you would like to learn more about what we have planned for 2020 please contact us today.

Nic Fren


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