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New tech keeps agents active heading into the holidays

The Christmas and New Year period is traditionally a time when real estate activity slows down. But this year could be different, according to this marketing expert.

Nic Fren, CEO of Bespoke Media Group, said the ease of access to digital technology might see more agents prospecting over the break.

“I don’t expect to see a major slowdown like we have in past years,” Mr Fren said of the upcoming holidays. “If anything, given the capabilities that tech allows us, I feel many will be working right through, while still being able to enjoy a relatively relaxing break.”

With the property market experiencing rapidly rising prices around the country over the course of the past year, Mr Fren said potential sellers may use their upcoming breaks to make a decision on whether to sell.

He calls this a “golden opportunity for agents to ramp up their presence, while their marketplace is considering options”.

But he still urges real estate professionals to find the R&R where they can. Automating social media posts throughout the period can take a big burden off their shoulders.

“It’s a great opportunity to still have a presence within your marketplace, whilst enjoying some well deserved downtime,” Mr Fren said.

And while he advises that agents stay active over the holidays, he cautions them to go easy on the pressure they put on potential clients.

“There’s so much value agents can bring to their marketplace during this time that doesn’t need the hard sell approach,” Mr Fren said.

“Understanding the needs of your audience at this time could put you in the winner's seat for the listing if your approach is well crafted.”

This article first appeared in REB


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