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"Nic, print marketing is dead"

"Nic, print marketing is dead”

This is a common phrase I hear at least 5-10 times a week. While I do believe print still has some minor relevance as far as branding, I do agree that it’s not worth what it used to be and you are far better putting your marketing spend elsewhere.


Print marketing turnaround is between 24-48 hours. That's crucial marketing time.

Let’s look at an example of each: 

Here’s a screenshot I took last night from one of my agents just listed campaigns and as you can see the campaign has been going for around a week and we have so far spent less than $80 on the ad spend.

Let’s look at the results: 

* 8,822 people have seen the ad pop up on Facebook & Instagram.

* 572 people of those saw interest and clicked the link to find out more information.

* The average user saw the ad 1.34 times in the past week. 

* It’s cost the agent 0.14c for a potential new lead.

That’s kind of impressive so let’s repeat that.

It’s cost the agent 0.14c for a potential new lead.

Now, let’s look at an average just listed DL card campaign (500 DL cards) 

* Average spend - approx $150 - $250 (depending on stock, colours etc).

 * Maximum reach - 500 letterboxes.

* Providing buildings don’t have a security lock, the concierge who won’t let you through OR your DLs don’t end up in the bin. We’ve all had that happen, haven’t we? 

* Cost per new lead - stays the same, NEVER goes down. 

* Turnaround time - usually around 24-48 hours (that’s crucial marketing time). 

* You have absolutely no idea how many eyes have seen your DL card. 

It’s these reasons that agents are looking for alternatives for their marketing in 2020. 

Social & digital marketing:

* Is instant marketing. 

* Doesn’t harm the environment.

* Gives you EXACT figures.

* Reaches audiences print can never touch. 

* Results speak for themselves. 

* Cost effective.

* Is where your marketplace is hanging out.

If you would like to receive results like these, please get in touch with our team today. 

Nic Fren 


Bespoke Media Management 

Bespoke Prestige 

0434 527 673


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