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No need to argue about anything (we've already done that for you!)

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

We've finished! Well … just about. 

Adam and I bought this 3 bedroom semi in Maroubra around 18 months ago. We have gutted it and completely renovated the house from top to bottom. We are just about to finish painting the main bedroom and it will be on the market next Monday.

I’m already in love with my walk-in robe. It was a deal with Ads that he could have his little man cave thing out the back, fully equipped with a pizza oven, if I got the wardrobe I deserved.  

Our situation has recently changed and we are off

to Queensland, so we are leaving behind the perfect home for a young couple. No need to argue about anything (we've already done that for you!).

This is a home that we are certain will impress the young couple who want everything. We know because that was us!

It will be sad to have done all this work on the home and not get to enjoy it after it's finished but we are hoping that's part of the appeal for the buyers out there, this will virtually be a brand new home.

We have asked <agent name> from <agency> Real Estate to help us sell the home and all the additional details you want to know are on their website. Click <link> for more info. 

Ad over.

Emotive? Yes.

What makes this kind of ad stand out on social portals? Because it tells a human story. It appeals to something we all resonate with.

This is the kind of marketing we’ve begun rolling out for our clients, and you should expect to see more of over the next few weeks.

We made a promise to our clients to change the way real estate is marketed, and this is only the beginning. We have some really attention-grabbing strategies in the pipeline … so stay tuned.

And remember,, & your website will SELL the property

but social media's job is to establish your brand and appeal to your audience.

Content on a social level is starting to branch out in new and innovative ways. Keep on keeping on with the same old content will not help mark your brand out as distinctive.

Please feel free to sample our content, but remember, nothing beats or shows initiative like good old fashioned creativity. If you would like to learn more about what we have planned for 2020 please contact us today.

I am delighted that Ali Holmes, founder of Fullproof has jumped on board with Bespoke Media Management recently. Ali has a unique way of using the written word and given our shared plans for 2020 and desire to shake up traditional marketing, I am really excited about the collaboration and look forward to a great year.

Nic Fren


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