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Not many agents have had the longevity on social media like Nic Fren

There's not many marketers out there who can boast a decade of marketing real estate on social media, and have the same longevity as Nic Fren. Let alone still be on top of their game and growing, ten years after they started in what's now such a competitive space, while switching professions and starting from scratch.

Licensed real estate agent turned social media expert Nic Fren began marketing property on Facebook, back in 2012 and paved the way for other agents to follow in his footsteps.

"It was a different time back then,'' he explains. "No one was doing it and no one gave it any respect. I faced a lot of criticism within the industry, but the public were embracing it, which kept me pushing through."

In 2015, Mr Fren became the first real estate agent in Australia to successfully list & sell the same property all through social media. "It was a shock to me, '' says Mr Fren. "However, when it happened again, only weeks later, I knew I was onto something."

Over the past decade Mr Fren has gone onto list, sell & lease hundreds of properties as a direct result of his social media strategy, and now coaches agents on how best to utilise these tools.

"Social media is a long term game. While I've had incredible success during my sales career, I'm surprised that a decade on, I'm still on top of my game, and even stronger than ever," he says.

As the digital era forced us on to take advantage of these platforms during COVID, we've seen an incredibly high number of social media "marketers" appear. "Something that's not always a good thing, '' says Mr Fren. "I love competition, I think it's a healthy part of business, but I've also seen the downfalls."

"Agents need to be careful when choosing an agency to work with, 'you are literally handing over your career and reputation to someone else." he says.

"I've watched many "Guru's" come and go during my time. Some get their 15 minutes of fame and fade out. Some are propped up with little to no knowledge on how the platforms actually work and some are just in it for a quick buck."

"Our members (agents mostly) find confidence knowing they are working with someone who has walked in their shoes, knows their USP, knows how to get results, but most importantly, has an intimate knowledge of this industry." "Appreciating that every agent and marketplace is different and needs a bespoke approach, I put our success down to the fact that I've done what I ask my clients to do. Nothing I ask is something I haven't done," Mr Fren explains. Bespoke Media Group, started in 2018 when Mr Fren took a side step from a successful sales career to build the Bespoke Media Group network. The office I was working for was going through changes and I knew it was time to leave. "It was simply a matter of quitting on the Thursday night and starting from scratch with Bespoke the next morning. At that point, the business was just an Instagram page and I was only working with one or two friends on their content, so I was really starting from scratch," he says.

I had a goal to be the most valuable agency in the marketplace, not necessarily the biggest, but with a strong focus on client care.

While still an active & licensed agent, Nic & the team have gone on to coach and mentor over 800 agents internationally, with members in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. Asked about future growth of the company, Mr Fren says "There's so much more I want to do, and I have big plans for my company in the future. If you would like to learn more about a bespoke membership, Contact Nic Fren on 0434 527 673 or today. Written by Paul Close Bespoke Media Group


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