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‘Post now, pay later’ made possible through new alliance

In an effort to ensure brands can keep their digital presence strong in a cooling market, two well-known brands are fusing their services together with a brand-new offering.

RealtyAssist and Bespoke Media Group have revealed a brand new “post now, pay later” option for agents and agencies.

In a similar way to home owners who may choose to access funds to prepare their property for sale, as already offered by RealtyAssist, those within the industry

will now be able to promote themselves on digital channels without any upfront cost.

RealtyAssist co-founder Paul Nissirios said it is “a great addition to our already popular offering which gives agents the tools to secure more listings using our services”.

“We are looking forward to extending these services to now include agent promotion on social and digital channels,” he commented.

The new offering “couldn’t have come at a better time”, according to Bespoke Media Group chief executive and founder Nic Fren.

Predicting a lot of movement within the industry over the coming months, Mr Fren is expecting not only office changes and new people coming into the industry but also a number of professionals looking to go out on their own and start their own businesses.

Not only does the new alliance provide for professional management of social and digital strategies, but Mr Fren said that it takes away “that hesitancy of spending money on marketing when the market restricts”.

He said a number of agents are already adopting such a strategy.

“I expect, as things tighten up now that Easter is over, agents will be looking for the most cost-effective way to market themselves,” he added.

Mr Nissirios is also wary of what a changing market can bring, expressing that RealtyAssist’s goal is “to give agents every opportunity to thrive during the shift in the marketplace”.

“We understand the trends that come with a cooling market and quite often, due to income or other factors, personal marketing is one of the first things to be cut, or the budget tightens up. We want agents to focus more on their prospecting and building their pipelines, without the stress of finances or monitoring their social media spend,” he shared.

According to the company, this solidified its preparedness for a post-lockdown property market.

Earlier this year, REB reported on five ways social media marketing for real estate is changing, as forecast by Mr Fren.

Written by Grace Ormsby of REB


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