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Real Estate Social Media for Spring

It’s August 5th and we’ve begun the countdown for the busiest season in the real estate industry – Spring.

The market has seen a lot this year and there’s a lot of hope and expectations that Spring will pull Sydney, in particular out of its slump. Will that be the case?

Eyes will be on clearance rates in late September as, said (by some) the Sydney market is expecting to turn around.

Whilst many would disagree at this point, Spring has and always will bring fresh energy to the market place, whether it’s short lived remains to be seen.

Our clients are hustling to make the final weeks before the Spring season count. A good start to September could see you set yourself up for the remainder of 2019.

There’re a few points in particular why you should be looking at social media marketing seriously for this Spring season.

It’s full time prospecting

How often are you on the phone to your entire market place (excluding those in your database) letting them know about a new listing or sale?

Strategic ads on social media promoted to a targeted audience ensures anyone with a social media account in that area will see it.

It reaches people the portals wont

Our tailored campaigns put you in front of people you want seeing your content. We don’t target your friends, family or colleagues who predominately see and like your content.

Why? Because they don’t make you money.

We promote you to Mr & Mrs Jones who have thought about selling but haven’t quite yet decided and are not looking on REA or Domain at this point in time. However, you can bet they are checking into Facebook or Instagram at least once a day.

It’s a cheaper alternative

I had a sales agent last week finish a social media campaign with us and right before it finished we had a good chat about what aspects of their marketing were working and what wasn’t.

Let’s look at the results.

Traditional (Print Marketing)

3 months of letter box drops, dropped consistently in the patch which had not produced one phone call. Around $1,050 spent on the drops & delivery for no result. No, you won’t always get a result every time but you at least want to know some stats if you are going to put your money into marketing, don’t you?

Social Marketing

Having convinced this agent to spend $100 on their first social campaign and run it for a month these were the results:

Reach 9,383 – that’s how many newsfeeds the ad appeared on during July. In this agent’s patch only.

Web clicks 172 – that’s how many people saw the ad, and clicked on “Learn More” for more information.

Phone calls/emails 16 – we put a very cryptic message in the ad knowing that who anyone called or emailed was a direct result of this ad only and no other form of marketing.

Cost per click 11 cents– that’s how much it cost my agent to have a homeowner in his patch pick up the phone to call or email him.

Would you spend $100 to have 16 homeowners in your core area call you? What you do from that point on is up to you. Does that sound like an alternative to letter box drops which had produced no result?

If it’s not working change it

Was it a perfect campaign? Not at all.

I noticed two days in that it wasn’t getting traction and suggested we change it. We monitored the ad throughout the month to ensure we got maximum results. Whether that be the photo, heading or text, social media allows us to make changes along the way.

Tailored to you and not a template

While still keeping within corporate branding & guidelines we have the ability to be flexible when it comes to your social media marketing. We can show a more personal side of you that traditional marketing doesn’t allow. People want to see people not a template that many others are using. What works for one doesn’t for another. While we are very big on our templates, no two agents even if in the same office or network has the style or feel.

With Spring quickly approaching now is the time to look at your social media marketing and ask 3 key questions:

1) Am I getting anything out of my current marketing?

2) Is our marketing consistent across the office or network?

3) Have I got 16 leads from a $100 social media ad campaign?

If you answered no to any of the above, get in touch today.

Nic Fren


Bespoke Media Management


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