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Selling in Spring Starts in Winter

A 12 week online course with EVERYTHING you need to help get you setup for a great finish to 2021.

From what to post and when, how to combat the major portals or work in conjunction with a traditional campaign, how to utilize the database you already have, how to get the phone ringing using Facebook ads, 101 video ideas, how to build a social media CV, to TikTok or not and much much more.

This is my 3rd year running a winter campaign in preparation for Spring, and most who attend have been astounded at what can actually be achieved during this time.

Each week a different topic is tackled AND based on feedback from the week before, we will address questions from participants and cover them in the following weeks sessions.

It’s our goal to give everyone the tools & opportunity to make a success of their online presence regardless of their budget, or skill level.

There will also be a one on one private coaching session with each participant on zoom to ensure they are implementing what they are learning. It’s essential that we are not simply throwing information at you, we want to make sure you are able to put into practice what you are learning, and if you get stuck, we can guide you through it.

You will also receive collateral to slip into your listing presentations to assist in securing new business and VPA for your social media marketing.

To sign up, please get in touch today.

Nic Fren

0434 527 673


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