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Speaking for the first time ever on how I turn posts into commission.

There’s many coaches out there spruiking social media strategies but how many are real estate agents, let alone have listed and sold property on social media AND been doing it consistently for 5 years now.

As the first agent to list AND sell property on Facebook back in 2015, I will be speaking for the first time ever about how I did back then, and how you can do it today.

There’s many things to consider when looking at your social media strategy which involves more than just your just listed or sales.

You have the basics down pat, so we want to show you how to go to the next level with your online strategy.

  • How to build your digital database - both organically & through paid promotions

  • How to capitalise on local community groups

  • How to benefit from Pre Marketing on socials before the major portals

  • How to find out what your audience wants to know about - not what you think they do

  • How to generate leads without picking up the phone

  • How to best use your existing database to create targeted ad campaigns

  • How social media marketing is combating the larger portals

  • How to get more VPA for your social media marketing

  • The difference between the major portals and & social media marketing

  • How to setup your social media marketing plan for the year

  • Ads Ads Ads - NO MORE BOOSTING

If any of these points sounds like an area you could use some help or guidance, than #TurnKey2021 is for you.

With tickets at only $50, it’s a smart investment to get you set up for a great year.

I am only doing this once, so don’t miss out.

Secure your online seat here

For more details contact Nic Fren on 0434 527 673 or


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